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Fine tuning our POI

No description

Simon Clark

on 19 August 2014

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Transcript of Fine tuning our POI

Why review our POI?
What has previously been done?
Last year we horizontally and vertically aligned the programme of inquiry to ensure coverage of the five essential elements.
What are the five essential elements?
Changes were put in place over the summer.
In pairs (you choose your partner), use the evaluation sheet to go through our POI for a specific grade level (you choose) and note any areas that you feel can be improved.
To find the evaluation sheet go to google drive and click on Shu Ren International School and then POI review 2014

Next step
After the development of the programme of inquiry, it is appropriate to identify when a unit has provided the opportunity for teaching about or through a particular subject area in order to address the balance between transdisciplinary and disciplinary learning in the PYP. It is suggested that two or three PYP subject areas that will support understanding of the central idea be identified and recorded for each unit on the programme of inquiry. All PYP subject areas should be represented within the programme of inquiry at each grade/year level. Additionally, there should be a balance of PYP subject areas identified to support understanding of each transdisciplinary theme (this does not mean that each subject area must be represented under each transdisciplinary theme).
Developing a transdiscliplinary programme of inquiry. February 2012. Cardiff, UK. International Baccalaureate.
In grade level teams use pages 68 - 138 of MTPYPH to discuss which subjects may best support each unit of inquiry for your grade. Make a note of the 2 or 3 of them. Try to ensure that all subject areas are covered at your grade level.
Welcome letter
What could be on it?
Introduce yourself to the students.
Talk to students about the first inquiry
What to bring to school
Talk about what you did over the summer/Ask questions
Maybe give the students a task/homework
Expectations for first day

Spend the rest of this session compiling your welcome letter. These should be passed to your buddy teacher for proof reading by
Wednesday August 20th
and they can be emailed out to families on Friday August 22nd.
PreK pass to Simon
K and Grade 5/6 pass to Denise
Grade 1 and Grade 3/4 pass to Adrian
End of session
Review of POI
Monday August 18th 2014

To understand why we need to review our POI
To ensure our POI is "relevant, engaging and challenging."
To select subjects for each unit to help focus the inquiry
To discuss the layout of the welcome letter and start it
The PYP requirement under practice C2.9 states that:
The written curriculum is informed by current IB publications and is reviewed regularly to incorporate developments in the programme(s).
a. There is a system for regular review and refinement of the programme of inquiry, individual units of inquiry and the subject-specific scope and sequences.
IB Programme standards and practices: Practice C2.9 (IB 2010)
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