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ACIR LMS Recommendation 20120409

No description

Mark Eaton

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of ACIR LMS Recommendation 20120409

LMS Candidates Evaluating an LMS The Assignment The Evaluations The Recommendation The Next Steps Tasks completed as of 4/9/12
Identified LMS candidates
Reviewed past trials
Vendor demonstrations
Faculty open house (2)
News & Video Demo websites
Faculty survey on features ACIR Focus Areas
Collabortion & Social Networking
Course development
Grading Process
Mobile learning
Notification & Preferences Base Offering
Power (Depth of Features)
Ease of Use ACIR LMS Recommendation Complete in-progress evaluations of administration & system considerations (April)
Negotiate with preferred vendor (May)
Implementation & migration (July/Aug)
Faculty training (Fall)
Course adjustments (Fall)
Go-live (Spring) Why Canvas?
Most faculity felt that ease of use was excellent (minimalist design, less clicks)
Base offering includes everything we use in Angel today plus strong collaborative features and capacity for growth (e.g. mobile learning & ePortfolios)
Born in 2008 (Native cloud application versus legacy system) Gold Star certification from the National Federation of the Blind (NFB) What questions or comments do you have? ACIR Recommendation on
Replacement LMS Included in base offering Add-on component From an instructor perspective Considered the easiet to use Similar to current capabilities Most Avila faculty experience Completed Why not stay with ANGEL?
Not currently certified by NFB and cited in two separate OCR complaints.
Must be "re-implemented" this summer
Server must be rebuilt
Must upgrade to v8.0
Probably require retraining of faculty due to dramatic changes
Must wait for additional updates to Angel to move into mobile learning broadly (currently limited to specific carriers)
Avila will need extra investments to meet the needs of Web 2.0 collaborative learning and ePortfolios that must cross the boundaries of traditional LMS systems Transactional Social Networking Social Openness Examples:
Moodle Examples:
Canvas Learning
Blackboard + Collaborate
D2L + Services Examples:
Open Source Apps Topic. (n.d.). Rebuilding the LMS for the 21st Century -- Campus Technology. Campus Enterprise Networking & Infrastructure -- Campus Technology. Retrieved April 12, 2012, from http://campustechnology.com/articles/2012/03/29/rebuilding-the-lms-for-the-21st-century.aspx Limited or not-integrated From an ID perspective Which way to go?
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