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Industrial Revolution Invention

No description

Leah F

on 27 January 2015

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Transcript of Industrial Revolution Invention

Horace Wells

My Invention
I invented anesthesia around 1845, but it was not well known until 1846, where i went to Europe to give publicity to my work.
I was inspired to create anesthesia after watching a laughing gas road show.
The one time when he was allowed to practice in a hospital, the patient was strangely immune to the gas, causing wells to suffer ridicule and embarrassment.

Wells' Anesthesia LTD is located on 10th street and 11th avenue, in Hartford, Vermont.
To place a large order above 15 units, click here or call our toll free number (1-802-456-9355).
For small orders under 15 units, please come to our stock house, or order it at a pharmacy.
*The purchase of this product is restricted to doctors, dentists, and surgeons only.*
If you have any questions or concerns regarding our services, feel free to call us using the number above.
Customer Testimonials
"I got my appendix removed, and i am happy to say it was painless, and I would definitely recommend "Wells' Anesthesia LTD." for others who will be undergoing surgeries"
-- Jord Anwar (PA, USA)
Horace Wells
I was born on January 21, 1815, in Hartford, Vermont.
I am a dentist
I discovered anesthesia in the early 19th century, after watching some performers play around with laughing gas.
Industrial revolution invention
Interesting Facts
I died of suicide in New York on January 24, 1848.
I was addicted to chloroform, and the result made me crazy.
I killed myself due to chloroform withdrawal when I was in prison
I was put in prison after i threw acid at a random person walking by.
By Leah Farquharson and Amelija Olson
A few years ago, i got two wisdom teeth pulled. It hurt like @#$!%!!! A friend recommended "Wells' Anesthesia LTD", and when i got the rest of my wisdom teeth pulled, it did not hurt like @#$%!!!!."
-- Niram Ole (VA, CANADA)
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