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The Solar System

Jalen Smith, Joshua Kawuguchi, Dante Cimarusti, Johnny Hutto, and Tyler Lieu.

Jalen Smith

on 7 March 2013

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Transcript of The Solar System

Our solar system Thanks for watching.
Hoped you enjoyed. giant stars is The Solar System By Jalen, Joshua K, Dante, Johnny, The solar system is Epic Space Face:P
TEEEHEEEEE!!!! home to the planet Earth. Our galaxy is "The Milky Way ." Earth's sun is a star. It is made up of 71% hydrogen and 27% helium and 2% of carbon and oxygen. This star lays in the center of our solar
system and is the largest

The Structure The Sun Gravity and Orbit Gravity Orbit study space and astrophysics. Some astrophysicist create experiments or build robots such as Rover who
went to Mars. Our solar system contains planets, small and giant stars, meteors, comets, and asteroids.The solar system has many Astronauts fly to the moon such as Armstrong. (The First Man on the Moon, died at age Supernova Fun Fact Black Hole (Earth to the ---> . wonders. this dot . Josh's When our Sun dies it will expand Mercury and Venus, making completely Earth the first planet. When this Sun dies it might explode and create a supernova and form a black hole. After this all life should die but by then our scientists will have different theory to save us by migrating to another NO ALIENS WERE HURT IN
THE MAKING OF THIS PREZI. Sir Dante III on the Big Bang THEORY. A black hole is a super dense hole no bigger than a small Sun. It has gravity so strong nothing can escape after it passes the event horizon. According to the Big Bang Theory, the universe was once in a hot and dense state which in some point in time expanded rapidly. This rapid expansion created everything we know and more. According to scientists some galaxies are still moving away from us. Thank you for dedicating your time to read this. -Dante 85) Technical difficulties. and Tyler Gravity (discover 300 years years ago by Sir Isaac Newton) is
the force which keeps planets in
their orbit around the Sun. An orbit
is a rotating path around another. Sir Isaac Newton discovering gravity. Astrophysicist and Astronauts Neil Armstrong (Aug. 5, 1930- Aug. 25, 2012) Neil Astrophysicist Stephen Hawking is made up of the Sun, the Milky Way's planets their moons, comets, asteroid belt , and meteors. Our solar system has seven
other planets (not including dwarf planets.)The
planets are Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter,
Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. Some scientists believe the asteroid belt was created because there is a hidden planet that attracted all of the
asteroids. Study of Space galaxy. habitable objects.
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