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Corel Draw

No description

Aliyah Miller

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of Corel Draw

CorelDraw The three most important commands or "tools" that I used in this rotation is line, color and clip art. In activity 1 I had to make a TV. To make the TV I had to you various line styles such as the antennas.
In activity 5 I had to do something called "Text and Text Effects". In this activity I had to make a list of nicknames, for example ''Happy Harry". After I made a list I had to change the colors. In activity 7 I had to make a bunch of grass. To do that I had use the clip art tool to import grass and other details to make my drawing affective. The broad based technology that this would fall under is communication, computer technology, construction, green industries, health care, hairstyling and aesthetics, hospitality and tourism, manufacturing, technological design and transportation. The career graphic designing, and engineering would include skills learned here. During this rotation I learned how to do graphics on the computer. When I get older I would like to be a nurse, this rotation helped me come closer to this career because it gave me more experience on the computer.

Essential Skill: Computer Use
Work Habit: Working Independently
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