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No description

guan-jhong cheng

on 12 December 2014

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Transcript of Leadership



Describe Teow’s personality and leadership style.

How does it foster or hinder his effort to transform CCN into a healthy and productive organization?
Based on description of Teow’s personality and leadership style.

In your opinion, is he a charismatic leader, a transformational leader, or both? Support your answer.
Story about Teow...
Teow Boon Ling
Manager of CNN
believes a company’s biggest asset is its workforce.

Healthy Employees are Happy Employees
What is the leadership?
He initiated the
Workplace Health Promotion(WHP)
Program for 60 employees .

He envisioned that :
employees who possess a healthy mind and body would contribute to the overall growth and productivity of the organization

Our opinion:
Our opinion:
”It was not easy for one to change the habits of the employees and begin an active lifestyle.

Set small achievable goals from the outset and once you start achieving them, you’ll find that you eventually become stronger and faster with less effort on improving the policies to better integrate WHP
He acknowledged...
Productivity is pretty hard to measure but I see improved team spirit, the atmosphere is more cheery, people are more happy,they are more open, engaging in discussions, with increased communication across departments.”
Fours years down,Teow proudly commented:
I think Teow’s personality is Extroverted and conscientious.
His vision on productive organization is from employees.
He relate present situation on workforce to effective future plan by beginning WHP to achieve the goal.

Conscientious, he kept the commitment, even if the response from employees only 10 percent, he persisted and remained convinced on WHP with his commitment toward the goal, even if the response from employees only 10 percent.

His effort foster to transform CCN into a healthy and productive organization by his ability to inspire employees to focus on WHP which employees are not interested at the first time, till they response more to this program continuously.

In my opinion, he is a transformational leader who has ability to inspire employees to interest on WHP. He has idealized influence in a transformational leader to achieve on his sense of vision that organization growth from its workforce with healthy mind and body lead more effective to work.
Annual basic health screenings
Collate information on employees’ current lifestyles, health practices, and preferred types of activities .
Organized “Friday Fruit Day”
Regular nutrition talks, healthy cooking demos, and fitness classes.

WHP content
During run WHP...
So he continues...
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