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Teen Suicide

Miss.G's end of the quarter presentation

Breana Martinez

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of Teen Suicide

Teen Suicide Mental, physical, or bipolar disorder
Drug and alcohol abuse
Borderline personality disorder (BPD)
Stressful life issues
Relationship problems
Disharmony in the family
Sibling rivalry
BULLYING!!!! Causes... Having trouble concentrating or thinking clearly
Giving away belongings
Losing interest in activates they used to enjoy
Talking about feeling hopeless or guilty
Arranging ways to take their own life
Complaining of sadness, fatigue, and emptiness Symptoms Treatment Effective communication Prevention Immediate consultation with a mental health professional is a must in extreme cases Support – teens should learn and feel you love them Identifying and treating Do not keep alcohol in home or keep it locked Keep all prescription medicine locked or high up Adolescence has always been a period of confusion so many teens decide that most often it’s a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Many teens become depressed and see suicide as the only option. only option permanent solution temporary problem depressed confusion Statistics CFU #3: When is suicide awareness day and what color is it supported by? #1: What is one of the symptoms for teen suicide? #2: Is teen suicide curable? Statements/jokes about death/suicide
Social withdrawal
Aggressive expressions of hatred and anger
Insomnia and sleep disorders
Major changes in weight
Neglect in appearance suicide awareness day: Sept. 10
supported by wearing yellow Teen suicide is the act of intentionally causing one’s own death. It's a mental disorder. intentionally disorder mental death BULLYING!!!! Feelings of anger and guilt
Experience of personal loss
Poor academic performance
Inability to handle hardships
Felling of isolation from peers
Lack social network of friends
Experience of personal loss Therapy
Individual – helps work through feelings and suicidal thoughts
Family – provides supportive environment. Family learns how to cope with problem
Hospitalization – giving teen a safe, secure, and constantly secure environment Medications @greeneyesmaria_
@ayeeyobree The end... Diagnosis If suicide is attempted before, physical check is needed. - mental learning about substance abuse, stress behavior problems, or disorders
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