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Nolan Wasoba

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

By:Jeff Kinney MAIN CHARACTERS BEGINNING OF BOOK PROBLEM SOLUTION: The solution was Greg hired Rowley to help him find a date to the dance. And Rowley found that a guy canceled on this girl named Abigail. And Rowley and Greg and Abigail all went to the dance together. Setting: Main Characters: Greg Heffely is a wimpy kid trying to find a date to the dance. Greg can also be funny at times. He loves playing video games. Problem: The problem in the book is that Greg can't find a date to the dance, so he hires Rowley to be his wingman. And Rowley helps Greg try to find a date. SOLUTION Diary Of A Wimpy Kid The Third Wheel The setting takes place at Greg's middle school, where they hold the school's Valentines day dance. And where all the guys are scrambling to find a date to the dance by buying girls candy grams. Beginning Of Book: The book starts out when Greg talks about his early years. When he was floating around in his mom's stomach, to when he started preschool. OPINION My opinion is that this is a very good book! I loved it because it's very funny! My favorite character is Greg. Ending The book ends with Greg getting chicken pox,and he has to stay home for a week.And Rowley and Abigail become a couple. 1-Google Images
3-Nolan Wasoba Source Questions #1 Will Greg ever find a girl?
#2 What Uncle moves into Greg's house?
#3 What does Greg do after the Valentines day dance?
To find out the answers to these questions read Diary of a wimpy kid The Third Wheel The End That's the end of my power point on diary of a wimpy kid The Third Wheel
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