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CIN & AAPIP Giving Circles

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Noelle Ito

on 10 February 2014

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Transcript of CIN & AAPIP Giving Circles

Denver African American
CA Dream Circle
LA API Giving
Circle of Change
Sansei Legacy
of So. Cal.
Zawadi Fund
Hope Fund
of Jackson
Birmingham Change Fund
Circle of Joy
Growing Black Men of Milwaukee
Viv Ncaus
Asian Giving Circle
Lunar Giving Circle
Devata Giving
Muslim Women's
Giving Circle
South Asian
Giving Circle
Asian Giving
Circle of Greater
Growing Community Philanthropy Across the Nation
Asian Mosaic Fund
Sankofa Fund of Southwestern PA
New Generation of African American Philanthropists- Charlotte
Heritage Quilters
A Legacy of
Next Generation of African American
20/20 Sisters
of Vision
New Mountain Climbers
Rainbow Dragon
Cherry Blossom
Giving Circle
Black Benefactors
Asian Women
Giving Circle
Saffron Circle
Jasmine Asian
Women Giving
Po'aha Giving
Red Envelope
Giving Circle
Giving Circle
"Everyone at Devata, has given me strong, beautiful Khmer women role models to look up to. And they have helped the organization I work for with funding. And while that funding, of course, had the practical benefit of sustaining our program, it did so much more. It gave us a sense of pride and courage, because we knew it was not a gift of charity from people who simply pity the plight of Cambodian people. It is a gift from our community to our community, a symbol of self-reliance, of empowerment."

- Talaya Sin, Cambodian Community Development Inc.
"I have learned how the Nisei (2nd) generation has impacted the community and our personal lives. From harvesting of the land, to setting up small businesses, volunteering for the 100th/442nd (infantry), and guiding us through the pains of the WWII camps, they have left a significant impact on American society as a whole. The Japanese American community organizations tell me over and over again they would not have survived if it wasn't for the support and generosity of the Nisei generation. The biggest issue of all these organizations is how to involve the Sansei (3rd) generation in the community.
- Founders of Sansei Legacy of Southern California
Giving Circles 101 = Community + Philanthropy
Collective Impact
34 Giving Circles
17 States
1,200 donors/volunteers
Over $1, 200, 000 to projects/orgs

Giving by Us and For Us!
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