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Letters from Rifka

No description

Floreena Dorzema

on 26 April 2017

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Transcript of Letters from Rifka

Main Characters
Tovah (Russia)
Mama & Papa
Rifka and her family are leaving Russia to go to America. She, and her family, living as Jews have a hard life. Many obstacles get in the way during their journey to America. When they reach Poland's border they were examined by doctors who diagnosed them with Typhus. They had to stay in Poland until they were cured from the disease. They began to travel once again until they had reached Belgium, and then Rifka was diagnosed with Ringworm which held her back while her family continues on their journey to America. She is sent to Antwerp to stay with a foster family until she can continue her dream to reach America. Her hair begins to fall out, and she then becomes bald. When she reaches Ellis Island, which is where they sent people with contagious disease and don't believe they will be able to enter America. Will her hair grow back? Will she be able to enter America?
Author's Purpose
I think the Author's purpose was to inform readers about the experience of Rifka's and her family... Many families went through this as well. To show how rough it was during this period and to show what Jews were willing to do to find peace.
Letters from Rifka
By: Karen Hesse
Russian Soldiers
I believe the theme of 'Letters from Rifka' is determination. In the book Rifka faces many challenges and still does whatever it takes to make her dream come true. She loses her hair and the doctors don't think that she will be able to get in America because no one will marry her, She is determined that her looks won't decide if she gets married, and that her education will. Another theme is sacrifice
5/5 because each chapter keeps you on your feet wondering what's going to happen next. Every chapter is suspenseful. I recommend this book to anyone who likes suspense. Also if you like sad moments with a happy twist.
Extra Characters
Issac (America)
Asher (America)
Reuben (America)
Aunt Anna
Uncle Avrum
Point of View
The story is told in first person point of view. It is told in Rifka perspective. As Rifka is writing letters to Tovah about her journey to America, she is writing in Alexander Pushkin's Poetry book. Rifka is writing in the front of the book in the empty pages because she has no other paper with her. At the end of each letter their is a line of poetry from Pushkin.
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