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A Brief History of Sumo Wrestling

No description

cole schisler

on 7 March 2011

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Transcript of A Brief History of Sumo Wrestling

Sumo wrestling Sumo is a very acient and popular sport in japan. It goes back farther then any date in recorded history Every sumo wrestler enjoys a nice diet of deep fried foods, many soups and stews, as well as chinese food and sashimi. They dont just eat fatty foods and get huge like everybody so often thinks. Sumo wrestlers only actually eat two meals a day, they have breakfast at 11:00 am and dinner at 6:00pm. Though many people think that because of their massive sizes that they eat many many many meals a day this is untrue. But enough about diet, lets take you through the long and intresting history of sumo. A ccording to Japanese legend the very origin of the Japanese race depended on the outcome of a sumo match. The supremacy of the Japanese people on the islands of Japan was supposedly established when the god, Take-mikazuchi, won a sumo bout with the leader of a rival tribe. Apart from legend, however, sumo is an ancient sport dating back some 1500 years. Also, it is believed that a ring, defined as something other than simply the area given to the wrestlers by spectators, came into being in the 16th century as a result of a tournament organized by the then principal warlord in Japan, Oda Nobunaga. At this point wrestlers would wear loose loincloths, rather than the much stiffer mawashi of today. During the Edo period, wrestlers would wear a fringed kesho-mawashi during the bout, whereas today these are worn only during pre-tournament rituals. Most of the rest of the current forms within the sport developed in the early Edo period. Enough sumo history for now, lets go over the pre-match rituals This part is your participation so follow along The wrestlers spend several minutes engaging in a few ritualistic practices. They include stomping the feet, clapping the hands, and throwing handfuls of salt to purify the ring. These pre-match rituals have a historical value in that it preserves traditions, and also in that it builds up the anticipation and excitement of the actual match itself. Try some warm up moves, even if you look stupid just be open to it :) be as over dramatic as you possibly can ill start things off.
You guys look so stupid :D Many people poke fun at sumo wrestling but it's a great and very popular sport! Though many sumo wrestling spoofs such as these have been funny I hope you enjoyed my presentation... you can throw away those handouts now.
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