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Great Migration

This gives a brief explanation of the Great Migration for elementary students, specifically, 5th grade.

DeShea Jones

on 18 November 2012

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Transcript of Great Migration

The Great Migration
1916-1970 What Was It? Segregation and Money Effect of the Great Migration Conclusion 6 million African Americans moved from the South to the North, Midwest, and West.

They were looking to escape racism and segregation, plus they wanted to find a better life.

Many of them had heard of jobs in the North and West and they left their friends, family, and home behind in search of a better life. Shaped how cities look, even today

Made cities grow larger

People who moved had to deal with poor working conditions, competition for living space, and racism.

Formed new black urban culture. Millions of African Americans move to the North, Midwest, and West.

Left everything they knew behind to look for a better life.

Changed they way our cities are shaped and formed new black urban culture. The segregation laws in the South meant that African
Americans were not treated as equals. They were not allowed to use the same restrooms, restaurants, stores, etc. as whites.

Also, many African Americans in the South were poor and had a hard time getting good jobs.

All this made many want to move to the North and West.
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