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Logical Fallacy Project

No description

Kathleen Boneman

on 9 October 2013

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Transcript of Logical Fallacy Project

Logical Fallacy Project
Audience: People with yellow teeth
'Either/Or': false binaries
Message: Convincing people to use Crest products.
To persuade people to want white teeth
Crest products will whiten your teeth
Message of Society: People want white teeth.
güd Shampoo
Audience: People that use shampoo in the shower.
Faulty Analogy: compared parts dissimilar
Message: the shampoo smells great
Persuades the audience into buying the product by making them feel positive about buying the product.
güd shampoo has a great scent
Message of Society: People want a shampoo that has a nice scent.
Rimmel Lash Accelerator Mascara
• Audience: Women
• Hasty Generalization: expanding the point too far
• Message: the mascara gives you longer looking eyelashes
• It persuades anyone who wants to have longer looking eyelashes to buy this mascara
• Use this mascara and you will have longer eyelashes
• Message of Society: Women use mascara to make their eyelashes look longer
Campbell's Soup
Audience: Mothers
‘Celebro’: tried to prove a point by who excepts it
Message:Kids like meals made with Campbell’s soup
Persuade mothers to buy Campbell’s soup because kids love it
Kids love Campbell’s soup so mothers should buy it so their kids can be happy
Message of Society: Mothers like to make food that their kids enjoy
Skin Effects Enzyme Scrub
• Audience: Women
• Logical Fallacy: begging the question
• Message: no women want ugly skin so they use the product to have beautiful skin.
• the message persuades women to buy the product because it will give them beautiful skin by dissolving dead cells, deep cleaning, purifying the skin etc.
• Women want more luminous complexion and smooth glowing skin with out any harsh irritations. In order to get that great look they should buy the product recommended by the aesthetician that said it works.
• Message of Society: says that girls in today’s society need to have clear, beautiful skin and need to look good all the time

• Audience: athletes
• Logical Fallacies: hasty generalization, begging the question
• Message: the lowercase has no calories and has vitamins making the drink better for athletes.
• This advertisement persuades the audience to buy the drink by telling them it has zero calories and the essential vitamins and electrolytes they new to preform well in their game.
• the overall message to this advertisement would be to buy the powerade because it has zero calories meaning it's healthier for you.
• Message to Society: athletes will preform better when drinking the right fluids for them.
Covergirl Smoochies Lip Stick
• Audience: Women
• ‘Reductio ad absurdum’: diminishes the point by carrying it out to absurd length
• Message: good for kissing
• Persuades women to buy it so their kisses can be better
• If you use this lip stick you will be able to kiss more
• Message of society: women like kissing

By Kathleen Boneman, Kelly Bramkamp, Jessica Ulloa
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