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my rock a school project

No description

aquil man

on 17 September 2010

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Transcript of my rock a school project

My Rock
Aquil A. Sheikh I found my rock at the creek near harley, here are some pictures of the rock That is my rock
it is green and
smooth, I think
that algae is
growing on it. The length of the rock is about the length of my thumb, which is about two inches long(5 cm.). The width is about half the size of my thumb, which is around an inch long (2.5cm.). As you may already know there are three types of rock;
igneos, sedimentary and metamorphic.

Igneos rocks from when magma or lava cools down and hardens, the following may be igneous:
granite, basalt, pumice and flint.

Sedementary rocks form when rocks are in the sea and erode as a sediment the following may be sedimentary: limestone, chalk, sandstone, and most fossils are sedimentary.

Metamorphic rocks are rocks of which have gone through intense pressure, and have morphed,(like the name suggests) into a diffrent kind of rock. The following list of rocks may be metamorphic: slate, marble, quartzite A picture of what the three type of rocks
may look like. This information above was found at the folowing websites:
http://www.fi.edu/fellows/fellow1/oct98/create/ As you can see the rock was buried a little;
meaning that it was there for sometime. But
since it was only buried a little, because of that I expected not to find much. In the end i was right all i found was soil, there were only two rocks in the area that i found this rock in, (i do not have a picture of the other rock or the soil beneath the rock).

From looking at it i don't know what type of rock it is because i couldn't find any stripes proving it is not that it is sementary or metamorphic, and then again it doesn't look glassy, and i don't see any air pockets oh and by the way i left the rock where it was; i did this because i didn't want to disturb what would happen to it through the course of time. Well that pretty much ends my presentation, i hope that you enjoyed seeing it, and weren't bored
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