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Was Louis Riel a hero or traitor?

No description

Jessie Chen

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of Was Louis Riel a hero or traitor?

In my opinion, Louis Riel was indeed a .... Think about it.... Was Louis Riel a Hero or a Traitor ??? Why exactly was Louis Riel called a traitor in the first place... HERO (: Even though Louis Riel was a Canadian, he was still a part of the Métis. Louis Riel didn't confront the Canadian government for no reason. He did it because he was standing up for what was important to him and many others. He did it for every Métis person because he cared. He didn't do it as something to offend the Canadian's since he was one himself. He only did it to fight for what he thought was right and what he thought he, and the Métis people deserved. By : Jessie Chen Louis Riel was a part of the Métis people so he was, in fact a Canadian. So when he went against the Canadian government to stand up for Métis rights, the Canadian government called him a traitor for going against them. Why...? So in my opinion, Louis Riel was a HERO because he fought for what he believed in ! (: THANK YOU :)
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