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Copy of Harlingen Consolidated Independent School District

No description

Veronica Kortan

on 27 March 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Harlingen Consolidated Independent School District

Phases of
High Access BYOD
Creating a
Culture of Transformation
Be daring...
Harlingen Consolidated Independent School District
Transformation to a BYOD District
highlighting Dr. Abraham P. Cano Freshman Academy
Culture of Acceptance
Responsible Rollout
Dr. Abraham P. Cano
Freshman Academy
Guidelines for BYOD
Communication Plan
Expectations and Accountability
Project Based Learning
Tech Support & Infrastructure
Access to Technology
...that supports BYOD!
Alan November
"It's not about the tool."
Plan the work and work the plan
Stay true to the collaborative learning platform
Prepare the system
Digital Classroom Initiative
Cadre 1.0
Study proven practices
District wide surveys
Marzano Strategies
Digital District Terminology
Discover Your Passion
5 Schools
School of Health Science
School of Education
School of Liberal Arts
School of STEM
School of Business
Classroom Instructional Tools
Information Literacy Center is a
BYOD Safe Zone
Cafeteria and eating areas are
BYOD Safe Zones
Digital Classrooms are
BYOD Safe Zones
Campus Wide!
High Access BYOD Campus Guideline Document is available for all students, parents, and staff, which includes FAQ's.
Transformation begins
with the Team of 8
Why start with the Team of 8?
It's not all about 1:1!
Superintendent of Schools
Dr. Arturo Cavazos
George McShan
Vice President
Javier DeLeon
Greg Powers
Dr. Cesar Maldonado
Gerry Fleuriet
Verna Young
Dr. Nolan Perez
& Alan November
Collaborative learning spaces
Digital Classroom Teachers
Technician Roles
Information Literacy Center (ILC) Learning Space
Information Literacy Center
Additional Digital Classroom Equipment
Innovative Labs
Located in Harlingen, Texas
28 Schools
School of Health Professions
coming 2014 - 2015

18,506 Students

77.5% Economically Disadvantaged

91% Hispanic

8% White

1% Other
Professional Learning Communities (PLCs)
Technology & Learning are
meshed together to form collaborative learning environments.
About Us
Dr. Arturo Cavazos

Mrs. Vivian Bauer
Principal at
Dr. Abraham P. Cano
Freshman Academy

Community & Parental Involvement
• Small Learning Communities—Students are housed similar to the middle school concept of teams as a system of support and focus on student success.

• 100% Student access to Project-Based Learning through the core subject areas

• High Access BYOD Technology Implementation Plan

• Fine Arts, Competitive UIL Athletics, Clubs & Activities are offered.

• Dr. Abraham P. Cano feeds into two comprehensive high schools. 1,300 Students.
11 Career
"You must be the change you wish to see in the world."
- Mahatma Gandhi
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