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How to create a Multimedia Guide for your venue, for FREE!

What resources are available to create a multimedia guide for your venue for FREE!

Shona Carnall

on 9 March 2011

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Transcript of How to create a Multimedia Guide for your venue, for FREE!

How do you create a
Multimedia Guide for your venue for FREE Shona Carnall
Education Officer at the Museum of Hartlepool
(all round geek!)

@YuffyMOH What is The Guide? Smartphones What do you need? Computer Recording Device Some free software And a little know how! What we did St Joseph's Research Club Images Audio Labels Now it's your turn We're going to create a short
piece of audio about some objects
from the Museum of Hartlepool Each group, will record a short piece of audio You have 5 minutes Audacity Now we edit our audio using Some basic rules: Talk clearly background noise erm... hold mic close Have Fun! Where do we put it? Wordpress Why Wordpress? Free to sign up adapted for mobile easy to use Costs: $19.95 or £12.48 Access the Guide the possibilities People have to find out about it URL: short link to the relevant post QR Code: directs people to the post temporary exhibitions educational purposes promotional tool Response Launched 5th March (that's 5 days ago!) Mummies, Myths & Mosaics Launched 15th January 1. Introduction
2. Interesting Fact
3. Interview
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