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Pastry Chef

No description

sasha pineda

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of Pastry Chef

Pastry Chef
American Culinary Federation Certificates
Pastry Schools
Le Cordon Bleu.
college of culinary arts
Pastry Chef Salary
A pastry chef can earn anywhere from 25,00- 60,000 yearly , depending on experience and workplace such restaurants , bakeries ect.
Daily Duties

In the course of a typical day on the job, a pastry chef may be called upon to perform many tasks, some of which are purely administrative and logistical and don’t involve actual food preparation. Common responsibilities include:

Working with other members of the kitchen staff to devise dessert menus that complement the rest of the menu offerings
Developing and testing new pastries and desserts
Preparing menus and budgets for the pastry department
Procuring ingredients and maintaining the pastry department’s inventory of supplies
Overseeing the training and work of apprentices and assistants
Highest degree; mastery of looking and baking skills
To become a pastry chef you must earn either a 2 year associates degree or a 4 r bachelors degree. You can also earn certification such as the ACF's (American Culinary Federation) certification
There are 4 certifications in the ACF as a pastry chef .
Certified Pastry Culinarian
Entry level certification within pastry food service responible for preparation & production of pies, cookies, cakes, breads, rolls, deserts, & other baked goods
Certified working pastry chef
-Can supervise other pastry chefs
Certified Executive Pastry Chef
- Pastry chef that is the department head, usually responsible to the executive chief of the food operation. Has supervisory and administrative responsibilities
Certified Master Pastry Chef
Penn Foster Career School.
Strayer University
Sullivan University
Milwaukee Area Technical College
Johnson & Wales University
Baker College
University of North Texas
Job skills and Requirements
Leadership skills: pastry chefs need to be good leaders that can assign tasks, hire the right people, and motivate workers in stressful times
Hand Eye Coordination: pastry chefs must have great hand eye coordination when cutting with knifes and preparing food

Sense of Taste And Smell: Pastry chefs need to make sure that the food looks, tastes, and smells like it should before it is sold to a customer
Time Management Skills: Great time managing skills will avoid burned or spoiled food and angry customers
Business Sense: Pastry chefs need to understand the restaurant business such as balancing expenses with profits, managing staff, minimizing waste and more.
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