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What makes a good website

No description

Jeremiah mai

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of What makes a good website

What makes a good website?
A good website requires a topic which appeals to the readers
Choose the purpose of your website, is it to help others or to inform people.
Try to pick a topic that is unique or important, we do not need forty websites stating the same facts again and again.

The facts must be clear and understandable
Good quality information
It must have a suitable color and font so it is legible
Facts should be true and compliments the topic of the text
Pictures should be used to help explain the text
Make the text more interesting so people will want to keep reading (jokes)
Make sure you do not plagerize or use other's idea and promote them as your own.
Go into detail
Make sure the functions of the iinteractive media is understood Presentation
The website should be well organized so it can be easily understood
Put in an interesting background so the cover appeals to the audience
Put in things that catches the eye and use attractive colors which appeals to the eye.
use interactive material such as mini programs or video clips.
simple design

Techinical factors
The website should load quickly or the readers will not read the page
The website should be easy to look through and sub topics should be easy to access
make sure there are no malicious software in your website
Interactive media should work and is relevant to the topic
A search button for ease of navigation
The website can be depended on to be constantly accessible.
A forum to allow other's opinions

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