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Six Major Legal Guidelines that Affect Secondary Teachers

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Logan Call

on 17 June 2015

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Transcript of Six Major Legal Guidelines that Affect Secondary Teachers

Six Major Legal Guidelines that Affect Secondary Teachers
Logan Call
June, 2015
Copyright Laws
Educators can only reproduce on-line content, selections from books, and scholarly journals, etc. that are covered under the "permissible use" category of copyright laws. If they are not covered under "permissible use" then the teacher must get written permission or pay royalties to copyright holder.
Impact on Secondary Teachers and Students
Teachers have limited access to materials that they can provide students. Teacher's must plan ahead and make sure they are providing students with as many resources as possible under copyright laws.
Teachers also must teach students the importance of copyright laws. They need to make sure students are following the proper guidelines and producing original works.
Students are impacted because they may be limited in quality information that they have access to. This is especially true in schools without personal laptops and limited textbooks.
Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse and Neglect
All states have some sort of legislation that classify secondary teachers as mandatory reporters of child abuse and neglect.
Impact on Educators and Students
Classification of teachers as mandatory reporters puts a responsibility on teachers to be trained in the signs of neglect and abuse and how to deal with occurences of these issues in their classroom.
The classification of teachers as mandatory reporters also helps to provide a line of defense for students against the terrible acts of neglect and abuse.
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
This is a federal law that is meant to protect students education records and personal information. It applies to any institution of public education that receives federal funds.
Impacts on Teachers and Students
Teachers must obtain written permission from parents to release a students personal information.
Teachers must keep grade information confidential and must refrain from calling out or displaying grades in any public forum.
Students have the right to view their education records and request changes to anything they see as inaccurate.

American with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973
The ADA is a civil rights law that was passed by congress in 1990. The legislation prevents discrimination based on disability as long as the person is otherwise qualified.
Impact on Educators and students
Teachers are required to provide modifications and accommodations for any student with a 504 plan. These modifications can vary from modified grading, to access to technological tools that help the student overcome the disability in the classroom.

Students are impacted because they are gauranteed equal access to education and accomodations for any disability under the law.
No Child Left Behind
NCLB is a major legislation reform of the secondary education system. It is designed to reform the culture of America's schools and improve student achievement.
Impact on Teachers and Students
NCLB requires teachers to meet certain standards and be highly qualified in the subjects they teach. It also increases the emphasis on standardized testing and calls for teachers to have increased accountability in regard to student performance.
The point of NCLB was to increase student performance. Especially in math and reading.
Schools and teachers must remain neutral when it comes to anything regarding religion. This means they can't encourage or discourage any type of religious observance during school hours.
Impact on teachers and students
Teachers are impacted because they must refrain from expressing their religious beliefs.

Students are impacted because they are allowed to practice any religion but they can't discuss these beliefs with teachers at school.
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