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Emma Plot

No description

Sydney Johnson

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Emma Plot

Emma stubborn wealthy pretty intelligent Mr. Knightley wise smart wealthy dependable Mr. Woodhouse eccentric emma's father benevolent Harriet low on the social ladder naive no connections follower emma's "project" Mr. Elton disrespectful rude middle-class friendly routine two daughters nervous vicar conceited respectable Frank Churchill wealthy good-looking gentleman charming Jane Fairfax musically gifted pretty not wealthy everything emma has except money. good natured - Miss Taylor (Mrs. Weston)
Leaves the Woodhouses. -Emma meets HARRIET SMITH -Emma tries to set up Harriet and Mr. Elton,
Mr. Elton loves Emma... NOT Harriet Mrs. Weston Used to be Emma's governess "Miss Taylor" married to Frank Churchill's father loved by the
woodhouses. during emma's attempts to set up Mr. Elton and Harriet, Mr. Martin proposes to Harriet. Emma persuades Harriet to reject him. the only person to criticize emma Frank Churchill is expected to come
visit. No one really knows who he is,
but Emma is anxious to meet him. After innapropriately confessing his
love to Emma, Mr. Elton flees to Bath to find a suitable wife. Emma finds herself liking Frank,
but convinces herself out of it &
now sees frank as a possible
suitor for Harriet. He becomes engaged
to Miss Hawkins Emma does not like
the new Mrs. Elton because
she is too vulgar. Frank Churchill comes to visit,
and everyone has a different
impression of him. Most people
like him, but Knightley has
suspicions about him after frank left unexpectedly to get a haircut miles away. Mr. Elton is very rude to Harriet,
but Knightley saves Harriet and asks
her to dance.
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