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How to use JIRA with GreenHopper

to have requirements trackable, testing reportable, development process clear.

oleksii burdin

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of How to use JIRA with GreenHopper

with GreenHopper How to use JIRA that is set up in our JIRA Development
process Different Item Types - Different Workflows Epic, Story, Bug, Improvement Technical Sub-task for Technical Sub-Task and other items Items Hierarchy Levels Project Epic Story, Bug, Improvement Technical task Not an info
container High level
info container Main level User-oriented
info container Developer-oriented
info container Why the workflow is needed? Why not to keep it "simple"? Because... Simple action for one becomes
mess for a team JIRA is not simple Why to use JIRA then? Because we want... development status clear
testing reportable
requirements trackable Actions available to Items Type Conversion Link for all kinds of items Can be used widely as it is not always clear from the beginning which item type to use Story to Sub-task Sub-task to Story Relation Related by
Relates to Block Blocks
Blocked by Problems Actual we now see in our JIRA [screen shot of simplified workflow without testing statuses] [screen shot of full workflow with testing statuses]
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