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Catie's Passage Portfolio

No description

Catie P.

on 9 June 2014

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Transcript of Catie's Passage Portfolio

I have done a lot of improving and growing over the course of my time in TRCS. Before I came here, though, I was in a Montessori school, which was a great school, but its setup was a LOT looser and left learning up to the student, as opposed to giving lectures and homework. It was a shock to come into such a different environment, but I'm glad I did, because I wouldn't have survived the workload of high school had I not. I have grown a lot in organization throughout my time here, but, I understand that I could do a lot better.
When researching, I have learned how to tell which sites are reliable, and how to find and list information from those sites properly.
The biggest problem that I encounter when doing projects is procrastination. I am a skilled procrastinator. If I don't understand something, I will just put it off until I am forced to do it for fear of failing a grade. I am working to improve this, and I have, and am, making progress.
8th Grade TRCS Passage Portfolio June 9th 2014
Table of Contents
Academic reflection
Character reflection
A piece of work From ELA with reflection
A piece of work from Science class with reflection
A piece of work from Social Studies with reflection
A piece of work from Math with reflection
A piece of work from elective with reflection
A piece of work that shows ability to think critically with reflection
A piece of work that shows creativity with a reflection.
A piece of work that shows the ability to work in a diverse group of people with reflection.
Test Tube Meat
by Catie Phillips
What if? What if we had a solution to world hunger, global warming, and livestock abuse, all in one convenient little package? What if this solution was not that far off? What if people thought that this was a bad idea? Test tube meat could solve many of the worlds problems if people weren’t so afraid of change.
First off, what is test tube meat? Most people, even those who are thoroughly against it don't know much about it. Test tube meat, or in vitro meat, is meat that is created from the stem cells of a cow, is grown in fetal serum and is then put in a commercially available growth fluid. After that, the meat is electrically stimulated to "bulk up" the meat.
So, why is test tube meat so great? A large part of the reason that test tube meat needs to be used is that "regular" meat is so bad, in fact, livestock are responsible for 50% of greenhouse gas emissions. You could grow in vitro meat in a skyscraper in a city, instead of using acres of land that farms use. Also, test tube meat produces a lot less waste, as it doesn't need, use, or create bones and other unneeded materials and organs.
One of the big points that the opposition tries to make is that test tube meat would overtake farms, causing massive amounts of job loss. First off, there will always be people that will not eat test tube meat simply because it is “gross” and “unnatural”. Also, so far, we can only make a burger type meat. Unless everyone decided, all at once, to never eat any meat that isn’t ground hamburger meat, solid slabs of meat such as steak would still be in demand, letting farms keep a good deal of their original revenue. Also, growing test tube meat would create jobs, as it will still take people to tend to, and grow the meat.
Another attempt at a point that the opposition makes is that it is expensive, but, everything gets cheaper. In 1970 a personal computer would have cost about $115,000 in today’s money, but, it got cheaper, why? Because making it became more efficient. People wrongly assume that we will not become more efficient at making in vitro meat and that the price will always be the same, but the past has proved time and time again that as we get better at doing something it becomes cheaper and easier, so, why would this case be any different?
In conclusion, test tube meat is a solution to many of the problems plaguing our society and planet. And most of its opposition dislikes it on the grounds of it being “gross”. And the few actual points against it can be solved relatively easily, or aren’t actually issues at all.

There were challenges to writing my persuasive essay, but, overall, I really enjoyed it. Test tube meat is a subject that I feel passionately about, and this project gave me a great opportunity to not only learn more about it, but to also teach others about it. As this is not a well known topic, I had some issues with finding enough information to make my persuasive essay reliable. How much information do you need to make a persuasive essay reliable you ask? A LOT, I answer. As I feel strongly about this topic, I had some issues with keeping sarcastic remarks and personal emotions out of it. I learned about formatting, and although I didn't end up using it in this project, I gained some valuable information for my next essay.
Infectious Disease
By: Catie Phillips
Persuasive Essay
Social Studies
Math Reflection
Elective: Fitness
Fitness Club Captain Essay
Ability To Think Critically
Socratic Circle
Academic Reflection
Character Reflection
Ability to Work in a Diverse Group

I think I would be a good choice to be a fitness club leader because I am willing to work hard, even if it means that I miss part of something else, such as a game. I also think I could come up with interesting and challenging workouts that can be changed to fit everyone’s skill level and strong points. Such as giving a workout with sets of 15 and 10 goblet squats and pullups, and letting the student decide which number would go with what exercise, only these could be more intense/ involve more exercises. On top of all of this I would love to count and give out beads, not just because it would be required of me, but because I would enjoy having the privilege of being able to watch people progress and seeing the pride on their faces when they break a record, whether it is theirs or the schools.
The question that even I have wondered, if only briefly, is, “Why would I want extra work?” and the answer that comes to mind as quickly as the question did is: I want to be involved. I want to be involved in the person’s growth in strength, self confidence and pride. I want to look at people at the end of the year and think about what they were at the beginning of it and think, I helped them get there. Also, I know you work very hard to do something that does not pay you in anything but satisfaction, and I want to do as much as I can to pay you back for the years that you have supported, pushed and helped me.
Catie's Passage Portfolio
Model UN
I feel that I have grown in character and learned a lot about myself during my time here at TRCS. I have become more supportive of my friends, and I have become more perceptive of when they need support. I have also become more respectful of others. I have issues with self respect and am often overly critical of myself, finding all negatives in my work and overlooking positives. This is an issue that I am aware of, (obviously) and am working hard to try to improve.
I find that I have more drive to research on subjects covered in school that interest or confuse me beyond the amount expected.
We didn't do any one large project in math. So, I feel that you will get a better idea of my growth with a general reflection. As a result, this will be a general reflection of my growth in math. All things considered, I did pretty well in math this year. It was a bit hard because, in the middle of the year, Ms. Cronk left so that she could teach her daughter next year. It then took them a while to hire our replacement teacher, Mr. Clint, who was originally a science teacher, and took a while to get back into the swing of things for math, leaving us with around a month long period of time where no math was learned.
This year I took Math 1, originally Algebra. I struggled in that a bit, but I think/hope that I got it figured out in time and passed EOC.
This ended up being a last minute project for my group, as we had forgotten about it until a few days before it was supposed to be done. Thankfully, it didn't take too long to get together, but, we hadn't practiced before our presentation, so it ended up as a "you read this frame and I'll read the next" type thing.
I had issues with getting the frames to do what I wanted them to do, which was kind of infuriating. I did learn that you can add audio to a prezi, that was exciting for me. Sadly, it didn't work when I was presenting to the class, so that was a bit of a disappointment.
This project is my finest example of procrastination. My "speech" was put together in the car on the way to school on the day of the debate. This was partly because I didn't really know what to do for the rebuttal because I had to be ready for anything the opponent said. Despite this, I ended up doing well and getting good grades. I learned a lot about how debates work through not only doing one, but also by watching others.
Writing this was a bit strange for me, as I don't usually associate writing with fitness class. It was hard to separate the jumbled mess of "I should do that!" into reasons why I should, and then to prove, in writing, that I would follow through on it. But, I made it in, and have been thoroughly enjoying myself since. I believe I have also been quite helpful throughout the year.
Although I was never a big fan or them, Socratic circles helped me a lot, they taught me to be comfortable expressing my ideas to others, and saying what I thought of their ideas. They helped me remember to bring others into conversations, and that I needed to keep myself in conversations. In conclusion, for something I really disliked, it wasn't half bad.
Before doing this project, I had never used anything near paper mache. This wasn't actually paper mache, granted, but it's the closest I've ever come to using it. So this was generally a learning experience for me, the paper mache paste that we were using wasn't thick enough to get the nose to stay up, so I had to make a thicker paste for myself. After it had dried, we went to paint it, now, some of my mask is a very light blue, and, of course, they don't make a paint that color, so I mixed one myself. Little did I know that the "white" paint was actually clear.
I do not like Model UN. I would not like it here or there. I would not like it anywhere. This was probably because my delegation (Erin and me) was grossly under prepared for it. Because of this, it was hard to get a word into the conversation. Even if we had gotten several words into the conversation, our words would have been disregarded and overtaken by the delegations who had control of the Model UN conversation, and would only talk with possible threats (veto powers).
Congratulations! We Survived!
Thanks For Watching!
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