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Engagement Procedures

Tools To Use to Become an Active Learner

Cherie Burnette

on 6 September 2012

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Transcript of Engagement Procedures

Fun Strategies that Work Becoming an Active Learner Engagement Procedures First, I explain what you will need and what you will do.
Second, I will ask you a question and give you time to think.
Third, I will pair you with a partner.
Then, I tell you who is going to talk first. Listen carefully because I will ask you what your partner said or did.
When I want your attention I will raise my hand and cross my fingers. You will also raise your hand and stop talking or working.
Lastly, tell your partner they did a good job and thank them for sharing. How do engagement strategies work? Timed Think-Pair-Share First, you need a white board, a dry erase marker, and an eraser.
Your partner is the person sitting next to you.
Now, find out your partner's name.
You have 1 minute to answer the question alone on your white board.
The timer will ding when 1 minute is over.
Wait for the question. Question:
If you could bring three things from home to help describe yourself to the class, what would you bring and why? Now, prepare to share with your partner. The person who goes first is the person who has the most brothers and sisters.
Share with your partner. Listen and do not speak while they share.
Lastly shake your partners hand and say, "I enjoyed listening to you."
Erase the board. First you don't need any materials.
Your partner is the person sitting across from you.
Now, find out your partner's name.
After you are provided the question, you will have time to think.
Then you will share with your partner your response and stop sharing when I raise my hand and cross my fingers.
The person who goes first is the person wearing the brightest colors. Rally Robin Question:
What are the best TV shows or movies you have seen recently? Simply name your answer. Do not describe anything. Now, give your partner a cheer for
thinking of so many shows or movies.
Next, put your left hand on your left hip
and say "hip".
Then, put your right hand on your right hip and say "hip".
Lastly, throw your hands into the air and say "Horray!" Stand Up Hand Up Pair Up with the closest person not from your table and face each other silently.
Then, put both hands up and knock your fists with your partner and say "knock".
Next, open your hands and hi-five your partner and say "this".
Now, turn your hands around and put the back of your hands on your partners and say "that". Brain Break! Knock-This, Knock-That Put it together "Knock, Knock, This, This. Knock, knock, that, that. Knock, this, knock, that. Knock, knock, this, that." Turn to your partner and say "Nice job!" First, you need your white board, marker, and eraser.
Then, separate your board into four squares.
Be careful because you will be getting out of your seat and walking around.
When I say "pair", you will stand back to back to the person closest to you. Mix-Pair-Share Name three things you like to do. What are you favorite
American TV shows or movies? Question 1 Question 2 Question 3 Question 4 Who can be active learners? Where does active learning take place? Why is being an active learner important? How will active learning help make a class more interesting? Is active learning fun? What is the opposite of active learning? How can you be an active learner? Where can you practice active learning?
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