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Interview with a friend

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Transcript of Interview with a friend

Interview with a friend
1.Did you have a favorite toy ? If it was a doll or a stuffed animal, what was its name?
3.Did you have pets as a child? What kind and what were their names?
2.What was your favorite candy? Do you associate it with a particular person or time?
4.Did you have
chores around the house?
5.What was your favorite
subject in school? Was
homework hard or easy
for you?
6.Did you ever want to run away? Why?
7.Did your father or mother
have a favorite saying you
can remember him repeating?
8.Do you date a lot?
9.What did you like to do for fun?
10.What was the funniest
experience you ever had?
11.What was your scariest moment?
13.What is something you regret?
14.When, if ever, do you
think it is okay to tell a lie?
15.Do you like to sing
in the shower? What
do you sing?
16.What do you do
when (you think) no
one is looking?
17.If you were stuck
on an island, which 5
books, movies, people,
foods would you take
with you?
18.If you could be any
male/female sports star or
famous person, who would
you be?
19.What was the most
embarrassing thing that
ever happened to you?
20.If you have to choose
a movie title for your life
story, what would that be?
12.What was the best trip or vacation you ever took? Why was it so special?
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