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Trust no One. Variant

Amazing book to read.

Brayan Castillo

on 9 November 2012

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Transcript of Trust no One. Variant

Trust No One. Variant Introduction Recommend It
This book has a very mysterious
cover and it makes a reader want
to grab it and read it.

Variant "Sitting made me anxious. I needed to be out doing something talking to someone who was as angry about this as I was" Quote This is a very good book but there is a down side to it. This is the first book of its series and this book leaves you wondering in the end, so if you are those people who don't like to wait to find out what happens in the end then i suggest you wait. Warning I highly recommend this book. It is an amazing book to read i did not like to read but this book was so intersting it made me read it all. It is a must read book. This book is called Variant by Robison Wells. This is an amazing book for readers who like books that are adventurous and that have a lot of mystery. This book is about a boy who signs up for a private school because he is being bullied and has no friends in public schools and gets accepted, but he ends up fiding out that the new school is not what it semed like and is very different from regular schools because it is taught and ruled by students, so his nw mission is to try to get out of there even thou no one has ever done it.
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