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Poetry Collection 4

Poetry Collection 4 Group members: Jack Krull Marques Dotson-Baird Tiffany Fameree Morgan Theobald Logan Wagner

Jack K.

on 23 March 2010

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Transcript of Poetry Collection 4

Poetry Collection 4
Comp. Tiffany Fameree Morgan Theobald Logan Wagner Marques Dotson-Baird Jack Krull Poem 1:
The Bells The first chapter of the poem shows
the spirit of the bells. Chapter Two The second chapter of the
poem shows the happiness
brought about by the bells. Chapter The third chapter of the
poem shows the alarm, the anger,
and the danger of the bells. Chapter Four The fourth chapter of the poem
shows death, sadness, and mourning
which can be represented by the bells.

The Entire Poem The entire poem is all about different
bells made of certain things which each
symbolize something else. By describing
the bell structure, tone, and location of the bell,
Edgar Allen Poe shows what each bell symbolizes. Poetry Collection 4 Poem 2:
Slam, Dunk,
& Hook Even though basketball is only a sport,
it still can be a whole life to some people.
You can do things you never knew you could,
and you can prove to people as well as
yourself what you can achieve. This poem
illustrates the meaning of a sport to some
people. Poem 3:
Jabberwocky "Jabberwocky" shows the bravery
and strength that young people can have.
The son was warned by his father of the Jabberwock
and other dangerous animals, but yet the son still
goes out and finds the Jabberwock, and proceeds to kill it.
He goes back to his father, dragging the dead animal
with him and overjoys his father because of his
bravery and strength. Three Cr Created By: Chapter One Created By: Created By: Created By: Vocabulary voluminously fully; in great volume endeavor an earnest attempt or effort palpitating beating rapidly; throbbing monotone uninterrupted repetition of the same tone metaphysical spiritual; beyond physical jibed changed direction Our Elements Of Poetry Alliteration the repitition of initial consonant sounds Assonance the repitition of vowel sounds followed by
different consonants in two or more stressed
syllables Consonance the repitition of final consonant sounds in
stressed syllables with different vowel sounds Onomatopoeia the use of words that imitate sounds
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