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The History of Francisco Hidalgo

No description

Tori Bertrand

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of The History of Francisco Hidalgo

Father Francisco Hidalgo
When did he start his missions?
Fransico's missions were in East Texaxs, the cities of Saltillo, San Antonio, and near the Gulf Coast.
Francisco wanted to expand and spread the word of God in other places and countries.
Intresting Fact
Francisco remained at the mission of De Los Jejas untill he was abandoned by the Spanish during the Chicken War of 1719.
With his companions and his hard work, many of his missions failed, but Hildalgo was determined to begin missions in Texas and in other states , traveling by ships
Who is our presentation about?
Francisco Hidalgo!
What Did Hidalgo Do?
Hidalgo was a religious conquistador who went on missions and expeditions.
Hidalgo went on many missions. Some dates of these missions are: 1700 , 1711 , and in 1684 .
Where did he start his missions?
Why did Hidalgo go on his missions?
How did Francisco start his missions?
By Madison day and Tori Bertrand
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