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LIS 534 Article Presentaiton

Teaching Information Literacy in the Public Library by Lauren Collen

Olivia Schauf

on 10 June 2013

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Transcript of LIS 534 Article Presentaiton

By Lauren Collen Teaching Information Literacy in the Public Library: Connecting The Dots The author poses three questions at the start of the article:

1.Why aren't children making the connection between their information literacy lessons at school and what they actually have to do at the public library in terms of research?

2.Who takes responsibility in teaching children these skills?

3.How would a public library go about teaching these skills? Computer Camp is Born In response to the questions she poses, Collen creates a three day curriculum to take place at her public library. The lessons will be taught at a “Computer Camp.” They will provide students with the cursory knowledge needed to be successful information searchers and creators. Major Components 1.Hands-on activities that will help kids develop keyword search strategies.

2.Topic selection and in-depth research strategies for that topic.

3.How to use Microsoft Publisher and Microsoft Word. Accomplishments Over a one-year period Collen had 6 different camp sessions.

Served 74 children in that one-year.

Personal feedback was positive and showed results that the class was a rewarding experience for students.

Gave children skills that they could use with almost any computer in the future. or Why a Public Library would take on the Role of a School Librarian Main Idea:
The author observed that not all children in her population are receiving adequate training in Information Literacy. Collen's aim is to provide training at the public library to aid students in this area. Class Design Day 1 - Search with words. Do this with games and wordplay. Get students to think about words in different ways.

Day 2 - Select broad topics and help narrow them.

Day 3 - Start using Publisher Librarians have a duty to serve the population around them. That means being aware of the needs of their patrons and creating programs to serve those needs. This article provides valuable information for librarians interested in teaching information literacy. When a student comes into the library they may not have learned the skills necessary to utilize the databases and programs effectively. This is a good article to bridge that gap. Not only is Collen helping their community with a valuable service, she is also giving children skills they can use for the rest of their academic and professional career. To ensure that students develop the skills necessary, Collen focuses on three different areas. Having a three-day design allowed for different topics to be discussed each day. One of the main focuses of the camp was to get students to think differently about how they search. This includes giving the students new techniques to find materials. By the end of the class students will have produced their own report on a subject of their interest. The goal of the camp was to provide students with the knowledge to use the library effectively.
Collen, Lauren. "Teaching INFORMATION LITERACY In The Public Library."
Knowledge Quest 37.1 (2008): 12-16. Professional Development Collection. Web. 2 June 2013.
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