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Mental Health

No description

Singha Chau

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of Mental Health

The Introduction Hi we are the Mental Health group from hong kong shatin junior school. Our Roles: Left to right
Myu Inoue: Chair Person
Cherry Cheung: Researcher
Anson Tong: Quality Control
Michelle Lo: Time Keeper
Singha Chau: Resources
Ching Ho Li: Researcher The Cause and Effects of Bi-polar
by Anson Tong

The Cause of Bi-Polar...
Cause of bipolar can be because of anything. But here are the most common causes:

Loss, Someone's death, Financial problems, job anxiety, break up/divorce, unemployment, moving, related to environment or might start gradually without a reason

The Effects of bi-polar are...
Low mood, feelings of sadness, start to feel tired, restless, loneliness, difficulty in sleeping, wants to be left alone, work with no enjoyment, become fatigued, feel worthless, have headaches, backaches, loose interest in sex or even commit suicide.

Mental Illness In The Society

Mental illness can affect their society, according to how the people in their society feels about mental illness. Here are the main effects to what mental illness can do to the society:

- Can make other people in their neighbourhood avoid living near them
- Make other people reduce their ability to socialize in social situations

In order to stop these things from happening, we have to understand these people with mental illness and we have to give them a fair right and make them feel loved and cared.
We have to make others understand too, that they are also humans and they need love.

- Make parents wait for a long time to recieve treatment for their children (who has mental illness)
- Making a network with people to let the person with mental illness feel valued, supported, e.t.c.

3. The different perspectives of people with mental illness in our society.
Our Survey:

We made a survey for the community (which is the different perspectives) to answer and we got some really weird and good responses:
What are your feelings towards people with a mental illness?

People will mental illnesses are people and such be treated as such. It is wrong to classify them and treaty them differently than how those with no such illness would be treated.
People with mental illnesses should be treated with the same respect as everybody else. Special dispensation should be put in place to help them cater for their disability.
People with mental health issues should be catered for in order for them to be able to have the best quality of life and independence as possible. They should be valued as members of society and respected. Everyone is individual and should be viewed as such.
I feel that people with mental illness need to know that they are being loved and taken care of people in this world
I feel they are less fortunate than most people and deserve our support to make their quality of life as good as it can be.
I feel very sorry for them. But I feel very scared of them.

I feel very sympathetic toward people with mental illness.
Sad and Unhappy that I could help no one!
They are very crazy.
feel sad, that people don't care that much towards mental illness and just leave people without care.

What is Mental Health?

Mental health covers a range of issues which arise for a wide variety of reasons. There are a number of professionals who work together to assist those needing different types of support in coping with the challenges they face as a result.
Mental Health is peoples who supports people with mental illness.

A problem with the 'wiring of the brain' that causes people to act in ways that don't conform to the norms of society
Mental health is when a person id kinda mental and need to be looked after.
to be free of mental illness
A health that is Mental.
i don't know
your brain being healthy I guess.

Can you please give some detail as to an experience you have encountered?

I have volunteered with a group in my home city of children with a range of mental illnesses, working both in a centre on a weekly basis and organising and attending outings.
I worked in a Autism unit of 7 boys at my school in Canberra. I helped set up a Learning Support Class at Peak School and worked with 7 children with support needs which varied from ASD, Downs, Hearing impairment
I have had some (limited)experience in a special needs school in UK. A friend of mine suffered with depression and was successfully treated with medication.
do not have any experience
I have worked with autistic children in a school in Canberra. I helped set uip a learning support class at another school for children with a range of issues - Down Syndrome, Learning Delay, Hearing Impairment etc
i don't have any!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have a member of my family who has a mental illness. I have worked for a number of years with people who have mental illness.
Sorry I don't have much experiences that could help u.

How are drugs connected to mental illness?

Well people with depression tend to want to take drugs because there depression level is high. They want to decrease there level because it's driving them nuts. So people with depression takes drugs because drugs sometimes makes you feel more happy that before they know it. They have been addicted. The drugs that they mostly take to make them more happy is Ketamine and nicotine (in cigarettes).
How are they connected?

Well I will first talk about cannabis. Actually cannabis it actually looks like a plant but it is actually editable but it's a super strong type of drug. Cannabis is a drug that once you eat it's going to go straight to your brain and it has 75% that it will cause you Bi-Polar and 25% of causing death. Right now cannabis is a very scary drug that is link to a mental disorder called Bi-Polar.

Mental Illness

Mental illness is actually an horrible disease in Hong Kong or even in United states of America. It has stated that Mental illness in Hong Kong is starting to spread around us. The 10th most common death in Hong Kong is a type of mental illness that is called Demen which has a very scary type of drug to cause it.

Drugs that help Mental Illness or causes Mental illness

If you are suffering from major depression you could take antidepressant to decrease the level of your depression and you may some of you symptoms that are lose because of depression. Mood stabilizers are mostly used to cure bipolar disorder. The Anti psychotics used Mood stabilizers for treating Schizophrenia which is a type of mental illness. An Drug called Fluoroquinoloneslike ciprofloxacinis to cure a type of mental illness called gonorrhoea.

This is a photo of a drug that is use to settle down you depression level. They are called antidepresent. Antidepresent is a very dangerous type of drug you can only take it if you are suffering from depression or else it could make you become a person suffering from depression which no one would wan't to touch it unless you are suffering from depression.

Mood stabilizers
Mood stabilizers are mostly used to mental disorder but if you take cannabis and you can't stop it will kill your brain before that it will cause Bi Polar disorder or any other type of mental disorder. E.g Anxiety disorder.Mood stabilizers is an type of drug to cure the most commun mental disorder called Bi Polar disorder. Once you get Bi Polar you will get depression and once you have depression you will go all out of controland you may even commit siucide. Which is very scary.

Fluoroquinoloneslike ciprofloxacinis is a type drug that is used to cure an commun mental disorder in the United States of America. Fluoroquinoloneslike ciprofloxacinis is use to cure a type of mental illness called gonorrhoea which is an horrible type of mental illness which can kill you in about few minutes. Who's responsibility is it?
According to a few trusted advisors and the internet, I have created an answer out of everyone's perspective. The answer is, wait a minute, ours!!!! Yes, It is our responsibility to lend a hand to these poor wretches. Food, water, living, and job conditions are worse off for them. They can't have high level jobs because the bosses despise them and contain fear that they will fry the whole company in a fit of anger. No person would be brave and daring enough to employ these so called 'dangerous people. The people with mental disorders have to cope with lives like that but before the hard process.

But in one of our interviews, Dr Kwong a doctor from the CUHK states that "Just like anything in life, one has to be responsible for one's behaviour. " so the meaning is that even if you have a mental illness, you still has the responsibility to g
Having mental illness is no exception. If you broke the law, you either go
to jail or go to a mental institution if you claimed yourself having mental
illness. So being mental doesn't de

Types of Mental disorders
Well in total there is 192 types of mental disorder which you can have any time of your life and also are very horrible types of mental disorders in this world. Mental disorder can kill you or even make yourself killed by controlling your brain at any time that you don't even know.
The Most Common Mental disorder...
Even though Bi-polar is the most famous mental disorder, the most common mental disorder is actually axiety
Our research have prooved that Dementia is the 10th most common cause in Hong Kong. Demetia, meaning of deprived of mind is a bad mental illness that causes lots of trouble. Our Lines of Inqiuies

1. The cause and effects of Bi-Polar.
2. How Mental illness effects society.
3. The different perspectives of people with mental illness in our society.
4. How drugs and Mental illness are connected.
5. The responsibitities of everyone involved.
Antidepresent Mood stabilizers Fluoroquinoloneslike ciprofloxacinis Thank you For Watching Mental Health in hong kong
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