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No description

Sarah Shuttleworth

on 16 December 2014

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Transcript of http://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images

Teeth and Topic:
's size can range up to 70ft(20 meters). It has 48 teeth per every one of 6 rows of them and each is 7 inches in length. Teeth are the main reason that researchers know it existed in the first place because it is the only bone like substance that can be fossilized. This creature lives all over the world, and it is logically possible that it could live in the Mariana Trench.
By Sarah Shuttleworth
According to a Mariana Trench sighting, many sharks were swimming around bait, that was dropped with the Challenger, a no-man sub when suddenly they swarmed as a
came into the sub's camera's view for the researchers to get this unexpected sighting after the Challenger came back to the surface.
The Great White Shark can swim to depths of 10,000 feet to get food.
, two times larger than the Great White, should be able to go much deeper.
The deepest spot of ocean in the world, the Mariana trench, could hide this creature in its depths.
With already found video footage, the Mariana Trench could give us a logical answer.
are said to have lived for 15 million years, even through the Ice Age. Through there life periods, they had to reproduce. A den or nursery was found from long ago, and it had "Big Teeth" of juvenile, or young
in it.
The smaller one, left, is a young
, and the other is an adult.

like other shark species, can adapt quickly to new environments and additions to their environment. They were able to adapt to the Ice Age and other smaller impacts. If a species can last through the Ice Age, than it can most likely live longer than that period through natural selection, where animals with the best traits are able to survive and reproduce.

species exists because there is some logical evidence for the side that believes in its existence. The
has possible living spaces, and though some visible proof might be fake, particular images might be real. This species
be proved as existing...
Real or Not?
...if only we look hard enough.
Mariana Trench Sighting
Dangerous Nurseries
Diving Depth
Do They Exist?
This will be forgotten.
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