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Our project for the World Religions project in Social Studies class.

Harleigh Eagan

on 26 May 2016

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Transcript of Buddhism

Basic Beliefs
Buddhists beleive in an old prince named Siddharatha Guatama from a civilization in India that found himself after leaving his royal life in his palace. When he found himself he became the Buddha. After that he taught others his ways of living a peacful and happy lifee using the Eightfold Path and meditation.
Buddhism Symbol
Symbols Continued
Step 1 right understanding
Step 2 right purpose
Step 3 right speech
Step 4 right action
Step 5 right way to earn a living
Step 6 right effort
Step 7 right mindfulness
Step 8 right concentration
Buddhism originated in India. It is currently practiced mostly in China and is practiced by 300 Million people.
By: Hattie, Harleigh, and Dayana
This is The Eightfold path, you learn how to be happy from the steps of the wheel.
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<img src="http://i2.cdn.turner.com/cnnnext/dam/assets/130412032347-buddhism-violence-horizontal-large-gallery.jpg" alt="Buddhists monks in Meiktila, Myanmar, where violence between Muslims and Buddhists left 43 dead last month"/>
Reilgious Sites
Lumbini is where the Buddha was born. Many come here in search of reaching contact with the Buddha.
Holy Book

There is no holy book for our religion, but there is a writing that they follow, the Eightfold Path.
Types of Buddhism
Chinese Buddhism
Tibetan Buddhism
Japanese Buddhism
Why are they different?
The people
The people are usually dressed in cultural robes made of silk or a silky material. The monks also usually shave their heads if they are a male.
They are different because they were told at different times at different places. In the time the religion had to be told, it changed because of the people sharing it wrong.
What is the culture like?
10 Popular Holidays
Buddhist New year
Veseka (Buddha day)
Snagha Day (Fourforld assembly day)
Dhamma Day
Observance Day
Kathina Ceremony
Festival of Floating Bowls
Elephant Festival
The Festival of the Tooth
Ancestor Day
The Bodhi Tree is a sacred tree where Buddhists believe that seven days after the enlightment Buddha meditated under this tree.
Viloince For The Sake of Peace
Thailand's queen, Siriket was for Buddhism but she told the high leaders they have no way of protection .When leaders of the religion Muslium heard that they were unarmed, theyattacked them by shooting 8 buddhist in the head in 2007
Buddhist culture is very calm and peaceful . The people prefer to be in an area where the trees are grown and the sun will show them the way.
The Monks
Shaved heads
Gave up everything they owned
They meditate twice a day
Meditated in monasteries for festival days.
People start early

Meditation is a form of a quite time for peace. Meditation is practiced many ways by different cultures and religions. Our religion practices it by sitting with their legs crossed in a very quite place with not a lot of distraction. Now as a class we will have our own quite mediation time.
Thank you for listening
From Harleigh, Dayana, and Hattie
Elephant Festival
The Monks continued
When becoming a full monk to the religion you would do this to give the Buddha everything. To show that you appriciate the Buddha.
There is no path to happiness: happiness is the path
The Elephant Festival was created to make the younger monks and the elders share there knowlage with each other. On the day of the festival over 200 elephants get dressed up. This festival draws a big crowd, and most of them are natives that come to pay tribute to the elephants.
The Festival of the Floating Bowls
This festival is where people go to rivers and set there bowls made out of leaves and are filled with flowers, and candles and incense sticks.
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