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We are the Apaches!!

No description

Laura Flanagan

on 8 April 2015

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Transcript of We are the Apaches!!

We are the Lipan Apaches!!
Where did the Apaches settle in Texas?

They arrived in the Great Plains region in 1528 from Mexico.
How did the Apache get their food?
The Apaches did not grow food, but hunted deer and rabbits. The women gathered nuts, corn and other fruits and vegetables.

What kind of houses did the Apaches live in?

Most Apaches lived in wickiups. Wickiups have a wooden frame covered by a matting of brush and sometimes buffalo tarp. Women could build them in two hours.
What kind of government did the Apaches have?

Each Apache tribe had its own chief chosen by a tribal council. Each tribe has its own government, laws, police and services. The Apaches chief's name was Cochise.
The Apaches are similar to Kiowa because they used to be one tribe together. But in 1682 the Kiowa and the Apaches split into two different tribes instead of one.
How are the Apaches similar to the Kiowa?
What are the Apaches arts and crafts like?
The Apaches are most famous for their beaded work and basketry.
What does the word Apache mean?
The word Apache means enemy.
Pictures of Apache
Pictures of Apaches
Thank you for listening!! :)

By Annabel Gilbert and Morgan Brooks!
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