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Course e-business EADA 2012-2013: 2 - MMX2

No description

Luc Truntz

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of Course e-business EADA 2012-2013: 2 - MMX2

e-business Internet Luc TRUNTZLER
Inbenta France

www.linkedin.com/in/truntzler & e-business Acquisition Conversion 0 1 2 3 Break Time! Retention Annual budget from 100.000 to several millions euros - Ads
- Search engines
- Buzz/recommendations
- E-mailing
- Off Distribution traffic sources Market share % Visibility + Popularity Cost Per Clic CPC average : 50 cents A table! Clicktrough rate 0,4% SEO vs SEM Immediate
Mesurable ROI Long Term
Every engines
Price 92 S P A M , O euros Opening ratio, Click ratio, Unsubscritpion ratio, .. Web analytics
tools How many visitors visit my website this month ?

Which pages did they see ?

How long did they stay on it ?

From which website are they from ?

From which country are they from ?

... SEO "car insurance" SEM Cost Per Click
Cost Per Mille
Cost Per Lead GOMC What is the first step ? Launching a Google Adwords
campaign for EADA.edu What is the OBJECTIVE of my campaign and
How are we going to measure it ? What is the business of EADA ?
In which way the website can help that business ?
How the Google adwords campaign can help my website to realize these objectives ?
How would we be able to measure it ? Which traffic do we need to target ? Location
Devices (Desktop computers, mobile, tablets) On which landing pages we will send our targeted traffic ? Remember internet user are lasy and intolerant Which keywords to choose ? mobile, samsung, nokia, smartphone, iphone samsung,
iphone Common names Brand names mobile,
smartphone Ad group keyword,
.. Exercise
Find 4 Ad group names for our EADA campaign How to design a good ad ? Master in management!!!!
Sign up!!!!!!!!
Great program garanted!!!!
www.eada.edu/IMM Worldwide program
Learning by doing
Get info now
www.eada.edu/IMM Master in management
Learning by doing
Ranked 23th by FT
www.eada.edu/IMM New candidates! How can we know if we perform well or badly our campaign ? Statistics of Google Adwords Feedback of the website owner Quality score
Clickthrough rate during the campaign at the end of the campaign > Business-oriented Objectives reached ? New Candidates Get a good clickthrough rate ?
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