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Maki Sushi Business Plan

No description

peter deng

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of Maki Sushi Business Plan

MAKI SUSHI Always on time. Always successful 10153 King George Blvd, Surrey, BC V3T 2W1 604 - 894 - MAKI Introduction Purpose: Create a sushi fast food restaurant that can make and sell sushi as fast and as conveniently as possible. Executive Summary The overall picture of this business is a huge chain of sushi restaurants. We can see it as the McDonalds but instead of selling unhealthy, obesity provoking junk; we will be selling healthy, tasty sushi. Board of Directors - Regional Manager - Restaurant manager. CEO Human Resources Director Employment Officer CFO Marketing Officer Regional Manager Restaurant Manager The goal of the business is to create a chain of sushi restaurants that will make and sell sushi as fast and as conveniently as possible for our customers. Services Provided: - Eat in and take out

- A choice of both fresh made and or pre-made packaged sushi

- A call up system to locate the closest Maki Sushi restaurant and call the restaurant to pre-make sushi for both take out or eat in. The success of this business will create a local and eventually a ubiquitous and convenient sushi chain that will change everyone’s lives forever.

Once the chain is established, sushi will become a food as easy to access as fast food. People will be able to have sushi quickly and easily with packaged sushi and or pre-ordered sushi. To succeed certain expectations are to be filled. These expectations include: - Have a high number of workers to manufacture sushi

- Sushi chefs are certified, trained chefs

- A straight forward and efficient company hierarchy be set up As sushi restaurants stand today, they either sell: - Take out, packaged sushi (T&T, Tama sushi etc.) - Eat in, fresh made sushi (Maguro Sushi, Tengoku Sushi) WE DO ALL!!! Take out + Packaged
Eat in + Packaged
Eat in + Fresh Made
Take out + Fresh Made Or a combination of any 2 or more! Text or call to pre-order and pre-make Call in to reserve seats Weekly Menu Combos Table of Contents 1. Introduction

2. Market + Competition Profile

3. Marketing

4. Finance

5. Operations All around the city, leading to easy access! Marketing

Physical Advertisement:

Situated where busy people often are.
These places include sky-train stations, bus stops, and within business buildings. There will also be advertisement situated near the restaurants to attract people to them.

Media Advertisement:

Focused on the internet and social network systems such as Facebook and YouTube and Tumblr.

Choosing and buying in the restaurant

Scan + Text to order

Call to order Target Market Area:

People who need fast food for their short lunch hour and want healthy food

Business entrepreneurs and students who need a fast lunch every day and cannot live off unhealthy fast food

All people who want sushi for lunch! Methods of Selling Methods of Advertisement: Market Profile As a fast food restaurant, our main competition will be:

Other fast food restaurants

Other sushi restaurants Fast food restaurants: Sushi is healthy which makes my restaurant superior to all the other fast food restaurants Other sushi restaurants: The convenience and variety of ways to order the food is a perk that no other restaurant has. The ability to pre-order and pick up when one gets to the restaurant is a feature that only our restaurant with a high number of sushi makers can provide. Finance Expenses Equipment

Dish Washer, Chef Table, Stove, Refrigerator, Cash Register
$709.99, $310.99, $1699.99, $2500.00, $300.00 Supplies

Cutlery, Sauce/sesame seed bottles, sauce containers, sushi rollers

$300.00, 50.00 per month, $50.00 per month, $200.00 Wages

$14.50/hr – Cashier, $18.50/hr – Chefs,

8 x 14.50 = 116.00, 10x 18.50 = 185.00 8 Cashiers , 10 Chefs

8 x 116.00 = ($928.00) + 10 x 185.00 = (1850.00) = 928 + 1850 = per week

4 x 928.00 = ($3712.00) + 4x 1850.00 = ($7400.00) = 3712 + 7400 per month Rent

Hydro/Water bills

$1500/month Start expense: $23232.97

Monthly expense: $15912.00 Open 7 hours everyday

Different number of people at each hour of each day, 15 people per hour

Ranging from $6.00 – $24.00 = ~$10.00 per person

7 hours x 15 people per hour x $10.00 per person = $1050.00 per day

1050.00 x 30 days per month = 31500.00 raw profit

$31500.00 - $16212.00 = $15288.00 monthly profit $15588.00 monthly profit Operations Location: Central City Mall, Food Court Equipment: Dish Washer, Chef Table, Stove, Refrigerator , Cash Register Supplies: Cutlery, Sauce/sesame seed bottles, sauce containers, sushi rollers Professional Personnel: Chef, CFO, Cashier Estimated Market Share:

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