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Garrett Faust

on 1 March 2013

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Transcript of Obesity

Start Bigger Isn't Always Better Behind
The Scenes Activities What is Obesity? What's healthy? Nutrition Facts: Exercise Plan: Pick up games?
Play a pick up game of basketball
or soccer. Calories burned on avg. 225 cal/hour Healthier eating habits? Smoothies made with fruits and veggies
Choose the healthier foods; (apples vs. fries)
Pack healthier snacks for on-the-go (crackers, fruit snacks, water bottles)
Stay away from candy and pop! The Daily Diet: Breakfast: Great way to start your day Bowl of cereal (1cup, honey nut cheerios)
2% milk (1/2cup in cereal)
Banana or other fruits Lunch: The perfect bag lunch Deli sandwich, made especially by you!
Apple or some type of fruit
Carrots, always good.
An apple juice or a small water bottle Dinner: the final touch 3 ounces of lean roast beef (protein!) / Or minestrone soup
Veggies and cheese on the side
Cup of fruit?
Glass of milk or fruit juice/water Snack: A little tummy topper Lightly popped popcorn
Or Trail mix
Glass of milk before bed (helps with sleep) What a kid wants vs. what a kid needs: the Do's and Don'ts of food Do: Don't: Set a good example, eat healthy foods too.
Discourage frequent snacking, set a specific time
Allow your kids to decide how much is on their plates, (natural appetite)
Encourage them to eat fruits and veggies early on
Ask them to help prepare the meals Add unnecessary sugar to drinks or food
Have a salt shaker on hand, and kid friendly
Use food as a bribe
Use skim milk. Switch from whole to 2% at age 2 Disease? High Blood Pressure Increases with weight and age Diabetes Creates resistance to insulin in cells Heart Disease: Weight gain determines how well your heart works. Cancer: If you are more than 20lbs overweight, your risk of cancer increases greatly Infertility: Obesity causes changes in hormone levels, possibly resulting in ovarian failure. Kids age six and under spend as much time in front of a TV or computer screen as they do outside.
40% of Americans always or often eat dinner in front of the television.
American children spend an average of four hours and 41 minutes a day in front of a video screen of some kind. Some Facts Obesity is when you have an excessive amount of fat on your body. What happens if we continue? Back Pain: Obesity injures the most important parts of your body, including the spine. Gallstones: Caused by obesity when the liver releases the extra bile. 2/3 That is approximately 200 million people. Ulcers: Main Menu Obesity can throw off a chemical balance causing ulcers in the body Ponder this number.

If you got two thirds of anything it would be great right? Where do most people fit in? Two thirds of Americans are obese! Not only are they obese but they also are at risk for more diseases that you will see in the Behind the Scenes section of the main menu. What does that look like? Wrong! Wait!
What can we do?
Let's take a look st what is going on behind the scenes and see. This is a diet that will help you stay healthy! So you know what to eat but how do you exercise? Let's look at the psychology behind this. How does obesity affect the self-esteem, social abilities, disposition, and
eating/sleeping patterns in children? Obesity can cause you to lose sleep or get smaller amounts either through disease or itself. Without getting enough sleep you cannot focus and your emotions are not a keen. It could harm relationships causing further depression or even harming you socially. Depression is a disease that can be caused by low self-esteem. Your self-esteem is directly related to your body-image, which is the way you see yourself. The way you see yourself can keep you from being social due to fear of harassment or teasing because you feel "ugly" when your overweight. The lack of sleep could be caused by sleep apnea which can be caused by obesity. Being tired can make your irritable and grumpy towards others. People who don't care enough to eat healthy increase their chances of getting a sleep related diseases that could harm other aspects of their lives. The lack of sleep can cause people to fall asleep during important aspects in their life such as work or school. What diseases are associated to obesity? Nobody wants any of those diseases so how can it be prevented? Disease Made by: Marissa Polston, Lukas Harp, Dacoda Yerington, Anthony Bailey, Emory Klopfenstein, Garrett Faust Following a healthy diet can improve your overall health. Get the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity. You don't have to get it all in at once but if you do six segments of ten minutes a day it will add up. Turn off the Television. Adults lead by example showing kids it is a good idea to eat healthy. Remember Bigger is Not Always Better! Sources: http://www.livestrong.com/article/115027-programs-overweight-children/ http://www.webmd.com/sleep-disorders/excessive-sleepiness-10/emotions-cognitive http://irishpsychology.com/obesity.htm http://www.livestrong.com/article/510284-ways-that-obesity-affects-you-mentally/ http://www.livestrong.com/article/510284-ways-that-obesity-affects-you-mentally/ http://www.livestrong.com/article/510284-ways-that-obesity-affects-you-mentally/ https://www.google.com/imghp?hl=en&tab=wi
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