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kurt horne

on 31 May 2010

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Transcript of Baseball

BaseBall BY:Kurt.H What Is Baseball? Baseball is Americas past time.
It's considered a bat and ball sport played with two teams as many players as you want on it with only nine players non the field . It is played on a diamond shaped field, with three bases, a pitchers mound and home plate. The batter hits off the opposing pitcher of the fielding team and they have to play the ball and get you out and try to have the least runs possible.
Major Leagues The Highest payed player in the MLB The Highest payed baseball player is Alex rodrigez
He gets paid....$33,000,000. He has played for the Mariners, The rangers and of course now The Yankees How many Major league teams are Their? Their are 30 major league teams in total. Their's 14 in the american league and 16 in the national league.
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