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WW1 Summary Project

No description

Priscilla Ng

on 20 September 2010

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Transcript of WW1 Summary Project

WWI Summary Causes of the War relationships before ww1 Black hand central power triple entente Public's reaction Why and who won the war trench warfare schlieffen plan war at sea
technology of the war propaganda major highlights/events long term causes Included Also known as the Triple Alliance included Germany Austria-Hungary and who switched sides which countered the Triple Entente and Militarism - meaning a strong sense of loyalty and devotion
towards ones nation (country, ethnicity, culture etc) Example : Before WWI, Austria-hungary and Serbia had large groups of different nationalists, whom all wanted independence and freedom. These nationalists would go to extremes to get want they wanted Nationalism, Imperialism Italy 1915 in May Nationalism Imperialism - when a country rules over other nation/country and imply their rules upon them to expand their empire Example : In 1914, Britain had the largest empire, which made
them a more powerful country. Germany on the otherhand, was still
a newer country that was trying to compete with others like Britain by attempting to gain colonies as well Militarism - a principle to maintain a large military to ensure power Example : In 1913-1914 Britain had the largest Navy, but Germany had the biggest Army which posed as a threat to the powerful British nation Alliances - an agreement to be allied with two country or more countries to ensure help is available when needed Example : In fear of the increasing size of eachothers military, Britain and Germany both allied with different countries to help them defeat their enemies quick list of short term causes/events that led up to
wwI 1) Archduke and Archduchess visits Sarajevo 2) Gavrilo Princip shoots the Archduke and Archuchness 3) Austria - Hungary blames Serbia for Archduke's death 4) Germany gives Austria-Hungary blank cheque 5) Austria-Hungary gives an ultimatum to Serbia 6) Serbia agrees to 2 of the terms of the ultimatum 7) Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia 8) Russia mobilizes to support Serbia 9) Germany declares War on Russia 10) France mobilizes to support Russia 11) Germany orders France and Russia to stop mobilizing 12) Germany declares war on France 13) Germany invades Belgium 14) Britain declares war on Germany Britain & France strong because both had an interest to eliminate Germany. France - disliked Germany because
they wanted revenge over Alsace Britain - disliked Germany due to
threat of army and colonization France & Germany Britain & Germany Austria-Hungary & Serbia Serbia was upset about the Bosniam Crisis of 1908 The Black Hand is a Serbian terrorist group formed in May 1911 Their goal was to create a Greater Serbian to unit all Serbs They viewed the Austrian-Hungarys as an enemy because of
the annexation of Pan-Slavic areas On June 28th, 1914, Gavrilo Princip a Black Hand member, killed
Archduke Franz Ferdinand A new era of war had begun with the war at sea The sea played a crucial part of the Allie's victory Britian had the largest navy until the United States joined the war in 1917 However, it did not matter because the British and
the Americans were fighting side by side against the German U boats and other naval technologies Battle of Jutland HMS Valiant - British Naval Britain France Russia 1914 by Played a big part in prolonging WW1 The Battle of Marne gave the Allies a victory and forced
the once powerful offensive German troops to stop advancing
and instead dig out trenches on The trench warfare would then result in a stalement that would
last for 4 brutal years Life in the Trenches September, 1914 - due to the fact that water can not pass through clay with sand on top - which was caused by the contaminated water. A disease which inflammation causes stomach pains and diarrhoea - a horrible infection of the foot caused by exposure toward cold, wet and unsanitary conditions. Like the waterlogged trenches. - Soliders would be exposed to poison gas and heavy artillery this caused Shell-Shock Trenchfoot Dysentery Flooding - The Schlieffen Plan was a strategy by the Germans to avoid a in 1914 Two-front war - Alfred Von Schlieffen was a German field Marshal who created the Schlieffen Plan - The failure of the Schlieffen plan led Germany to face the Allied forces as opposed to quickly sweeping through France and then invading Russia
- resulted in a trench warfare that dragged on where neither side advanced. WWI had new ways of battling Tanks - first used in the Battle of Somme Chlorine/Mustard Gas - chemical warfare that had a long
term affect on soliders Aircraft - were used to drop grenades or shoot gunfire from
the air Also known as the Great War War To End All Wars , was widely used to promote of the war highly media and ads would promote conscription victory bonds and fear were not educated even to know the horrors of war Thought it was... Romantic Heroic Only going to last a short while fun to explore other countries The Allies launched a counter-attack at the Germans on August 8 Drove back the exhausted Germans One by one, the Austro-Hungarian Empire fell apart as each country surrendered November 11, 1918 11th Hour on the Battle of Somme - where the Allies tried to end trench warfare but failed Battle of Vimy Ridge - over 20,000 Canadian soliders killed - Allied armies tried to retrieve ridge back - Canadian soliders succeeded and fought as it's own - gained Canadian identity Trench Warfare - prolonged war for 4 years strong development in Weapon technology
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