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Muhammad Ali Presentation

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Sharifah Abdallah

on 13 May 2015

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Transcript of Muhammad Ali Presentation

The Greatest
By: Omar Abdallah
On January 17, 1942 in the town of Louisville, Kentucky, a legend was born
All the Way to the Top
Muhammad Ali is influential, powerful, and a true jester.
He is the greatest boxer of the 20th century.
Muhammad Ali is a former American boxer, and is the best heavyweight champion in world boxing history

He is known for his skills inside of the ring, and outside the ring.
He is the most recognized athlete across the world in the past hundred years!
He had an amazing record of 56 wins and only 5 losses, 37 of his wins were knockouts.
His career started in 1960 and officially retired in 1979.

The Beginning
Why Was He The Greatest?
The Return
The Legacy and the Generosity
In 1984 Muhammad Ali announced that he has Parkinson's disease, a degenerative neurological condition.
Muhammad Ali has been raising funds for the Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center in Phoenix, Arizona.
He has also been supporting the make a wish foundation and the special olympics.
Muhammad Ali has been traveling to different countries where help is needed and helps out.
Muhammad Ali received The Presidential Medal of Freedom, from president George W. Bush in 2005.
Ali hosted the 15th Annual Celebrity Fight Night Awards in Phoenix in March 2009.
The event benefited the Celebrity Fight Night Foundation and the Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center.
His relentless determination, austere hard work, and generous nature made Muhammad Ali one of the greatest and most influential icons not in just athletics. but in world history
Muhammad Ali was good inside the ring as he is outside the ring
His boxing career from 1960-1981 was known for his amazing record of 56 wins and only 5 losses, 37 of his wins were knockouts

Qualities That Made Him Great
Muhammad Ali is The Greatest because
He is influential
He is powerful
He is the greatest boxer of the 20th century
He is grounded in his faith & has incredible work ethic
And continues to serve as a role model to all!
Muhammad Ali's birth name was Cassius Clay
He started training at the age of 12
He won the world heavyweight championship when he was 22, in 1964
He told the world he was the greatest boxer
Everybody believed him because he already proved his greatness
He once said "Parachute me into Highstreet China , and every kid would know who I am."
Acknowledged His Greatness
Muhammad Ali wanted something greater to live for, to hold on to, he wanted to live and die for a purpose. And thus he began his spiritual journey
In 1964 he joined the Nation of Islam
Two years later he was drafted into the Vietnam War, but he wouldn't because his religious beliefs held him back
He went to court for refusing to be inducted into the military, in 1967 he was found guilty.
The boxing association took away his title and suspended him from boxing for three and a half years, after a long court trial to get his name cleared.

Spiritual Search
Muhammad Ali returned to the ring in 1970.
His first fight after he had returned was against Jerry Quarry, and Ali knocked him out.
The following year, he took on Joe Frazier. The fight got itself a name, “ The Fight of the Century”.
After 15 long rounds, Joe managed to knock down Ali before beating Ali by decision.
Ali got a rematch in 1974, and he got his revenge by beating Joe after their second fight.
In the late 1970s Ali started to slack off and lost to Leon Spinks in 1978.
He was also knocked out by Larry Holmes in 1980. In 1981, Ali lost his last fight, losing his heavyweight title to Trevor Berbick
He announced his retirement from his boxing career the next day.
The Return
(part 1)
The Return
(part 2)
The Return
(part 3)
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