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The Scar: Lord of the Flies Symbolism

No description

Jess Newhouse

on 21 February 2013

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Transcript of The Scar: Lord of the Flies Symbolism

Conclusion Slide What Golding is referring to is a thunder storm that was coming in and the lightning that bolted across the sky followed by a heavy gust of wind. The scene following this depicts Simon's death. This shows how the boys have been corrupted since their arrival. The scar in this scene is the bolt of lightning across the sky. The scar that Ralph received in the jungle was from Jack trying to seek revenge on him. Jack wanted to kill Ralph to eliminate him as competition which resulted in Ralph getting struck with a spear and causing damage to himself. The scar changed the way he looked before it happened. This shows how the boys have physically changed. However, they have also become more barbaric. If they were still in private school, Jack wouldn't have been able to try to stab someone with a spear. In this scene, the scar represents how people are destroying other people. Explanation #4: It's easy to say that evil will always lives inside of all of us. Rather it is physical or not, but it will always leave some kind of mark on others or to their surroundings. The Scar in Lord of the Flies is the damage that was done from the airplane crashing into the jungle when the boys originally arrived. The Scar is symbolizing human destruction in the book Lord of the Flies. It represents how people can be destructive towards nature and even to the extent of how people are destructive towards other people. The scar also represents how the island changed and corrupted the boys. What is the Scar? This picture shows a crashed airplane, similar to the one that would have been in the book Lord of the Flies. The Scar Lord of the Flies Symbolism By: Jessica Newhouse and Lexi Brown Quote #1: "All round him the long scar smashed into the jungle was a bath of heat. He was clambering heavily among the creepers and broken trunks when a bird, a vision of red and yellow, flashed upwards with a witch-like cry; and this cry was echoed by another" (Golding 7). Explanation #1: Quote#2: "Ralph pointed fearfully at Eric's face, which was striped with scars where the bushes had torn him" (Golding 100). Explanation#2 "The dark sky was shattered by a blue-white scar. An instant later the noise was on them like the blow of a gigantic whip" (Golding 152). Symbolism Quotes: Quote # 3 Quote #4 "Ralph lay in covert, wondering about his wounds. The bruised flesh was inches in diameter over his right ribs, with a swollen and bloody scar where the spear had hit him" (Golding 183). What Golding is doing is explaining what the jungle looks like in the beginning as the boys are first starting to explore it. The way the trees look and the damage that the plane did to the jungle. In this passage the scar represents how the island is destroyed. Nature responds to the island's destruction. Phrases like 'bath of heat' and 'witch-like cry' suggests fear, wildness and evilness. Similar to how the boys eventually become. This would be more of the literal meaning to the word scar. The reason it is significant is because the bushes and trees that were knocked down and destroyed by the scar is the reason Eric got his. In this passage, the scar represents how the island or nature is destroying the boys. Explanation #3
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