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Hair Conditioners isA :D

No description

Eman Ashraf

on 14 May 2011

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Transcript of Hair Conditioners isA :D

Hair Conditioners Is shampoo enough?? Shampoo v.s conditioner Cleanse hair and scalp.. Make the hair strands softer.. Need for conditioner Excessive washing Dry environment Blow drying Harsh detergents Conditioner
ingredients 1) Moisturisers 2) Reconstructors 3) Acidifiers 4) Detanglers 5) Thermal protectors 6) Glossers 7) Oils 8) Surfactants 9) Lubricants 10) Sequestrants 11) Antistatic agents 12) Preservatives Humectants Restore hair moisture Hydrolysed proteins Stregenthens the hair Acid with pH of 2.5 to 3.5. Create shine and elasticity
to the hair. Acidifiers
having low pH 2.5 to 3.5. Prevent tangles Heat absorbing polymers Protects hair against heat
from blow drying, iron curls, etc. Light reflecting chemicals
usually silicones Reflect light Essential fatty acids Make dry hair softer
and more pliable Cationic surfactants Their hydrophobic ends act
as the new hair surface For hard water Pack Conditioner Leave -in Conditioner Hold
Conditioner Ordinary
Conditioner Heavy and thick in consistency.
Contains surfactants with saturated fatty acids. Bind to the hair structure Easily crystallises Gives higher viscousity Thinner consistency
Contains surfactants with unstaurated fatty acids. Add a little material to the hair. Difficult to crystallise Lower viscousity Contains polyelectrolyte polymers Hold hair in a desired shape. Have a balance
pack and leave-in conditioners. Surfactants
Ethanolamines Preservatives
Isothiazolinones Lubricants e.g.

Emulsifiers e.g
Cocamide DEA Go organic and natural!!! Coconut oil, jojba oil
avocado oil
are natural preservatives. Organic products contain high levels of pure essnetial oils that nourishes the hair. Home-made hair aids Oil and egg yolk Mayonnaise Lemon rinse Types of Conditioners According to
Consistency According to Constituents Oil - Based
Conditioner Acid-Type
Conditioner Substaintive Type
Conditioner EFAs in oil resembles
natural sebum pH restorers pH balancers [pH 3] [pH 6] Neutralise alkaline
deposits on hair... Ensure final pH of
hair is acidic... Become adsorbed to the hair shaft 1) Aqueous contents
Surfactant 2) Oily contents Direct heating
up to 80 degrees Heating on water bath
up to 75 degrees 3) Mix aqueous and oily contents
on hot (water bath) for 1 min 4) Remove from water bath Extemporaneous preparation
of Conditioners
[General Principle] 5) Mix any additives previously dissolved in water
to the cream portion-wise. 6) Mix till cold
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