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Clinical Field Experiences

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Angela Todaro

on 16 January 2014

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Transcript of Clinical Field Experiences

SCSU Clinical Field Experiences
Understanding the Process

SCSU Expectations for Clinical Field Experiences
Treat it like a job interview. Many students get their first job offer after having experience in a school district after a clinical field experience.

Remember you are an ambassador for SCSU. Polite, professional;, respectful field experience student s turns into clinical field experiences for other SCSU students.

Be a supportive assistant to the mentor teacher and an eager learner in observing students learning.
What do I Need to Know Now About Student Teaching?
Student teaching will be your last semester after you have completed ALL courses and are ready to graduate.

You will NOT be permitted to take any additional courses during your student teaching semester.

School districts to NOT have to accept student teacher candidates. Positions are selective and competitive. The quality of your clinical experiences, professional materials, and academics will be considered along with an interview.
Final Thoughts...
Take advantage of opportunities & get as much experience as possible working with children & in schools.

Stay positive, ask questions, and keep in mind that your personal behaviors, dispositions, and academic success may mean the difference in getting a job offer.

You have a strong army of supportive faculty & staff working towards your success - use us!
Clinical Field Experiences
Getting Started
What is a clinical field experience?
Clinical field experiences (or commonly called field experiences are teacher education course experiences for which students are required to have experiential learning within a school setting. Generally this includes observation, interaction with students, and possibly limited teaching experiences.
Your first clinical field experience course will likely be:

EDU 200 - elementary education
SED 225 - special education
EDU 201 - secondary education

Your first clinical field experience is an important part of your educational journey and should help you determine if teaching is the right profession for you at this time.
What do I need to get started?
Submit your clinical field experience request on TK20 (access from the School of Education web page.

Get your background/fingerprint check processed. Background checks are good for 3 years. More information available on the School of Education Web page.
What Happens Next?
The Clinical Field Experience Office will notify you that we have made a match for your field placement.

Once you have your placement call/e-mail your contact person and arrange to begin your field experience hour.

Submit your placement confirmation to the Clinical Field Experience Office.

Have fun & soak up the learning at your placement.

What to Wear?
Dress should be casual to professional.

Men - khaki or dress pants with dress or polo shirt. Tie is optional with nice shoes.

Women - khaki or dress pants, moderate length skirt or dress, nice top, blouse, or sweater. comfortable shoes with a moderate or low heal.

What not to wear - jeans with holes or tears, flip flops, mini skirts, shorts, or leggings.
Make a Great Impression
Always arrive on time and ready to observe.

Communicate with your mentor teacher any changes to schedule.

Send a thank you note to any teachers you observed and the principal.

Ask for feedback when appropriate.
What to do if you experience a problem or question?

Contact your instructor for any concerns related to your observation and your course requirements.

Contact the Clinical Field Experience Office for any concerns related to your placement.
What Happens After This Semester?
All candidates for initial certification will have at least 4 clinical field experience courses (including student teaching).

You will be expected to have a diversity of placements throughout your field experiences. In general, we want you to experience varied school districts and schools. The clinical field experience office AND you have responsibility for helping to assure that this occurs.
Why a diversity of placements
Having diverse experiences in your clinical field experiences makes you a stronger candidate for a student teaching placement & full time position.

Diversity of placements is an expectation of the School of Education.
What Does Diversity of Placements Mean?
Before you are ready to student teach you should have placements in each of the following:

an urban setting
a rural setting
a suburban setting
2-3 different school districts
3-4 different mentor teachers
What type of placement is not supported by SCSU?
Placements in the same school as a parent,, close relative, friend of your parent or close relative, or close friend.

Repeated placements with the same mentor teacher or same school, or district.

Student teaching in a school that you graduated from less than 8 years ago.
Check our website for the latest information about clinical field experiences and student teaching at:

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