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Restaurant Operations, Part 2

Chapter 7

Carolyn Elbert

on 4 November 2014

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Transcript of Restaurant Operations, Part 2

Restaurant Operations
Part 2

Chapter 7
Used to increase food & beverage sales
If done correctly can provide guests with a better dining experience while adding revenue
**Should not be overdone**
Introduce menu items guests may not have considered
Point of Sales..(POS)
Used to track charges, run reports, etc.

Communicate between FOH & BOH
-Touch Screen System (FOH)
-Printers or Video Monitors (BOH)

Assists with Labor Management
Front of the House
Suggestive Selling
Back of The House
All areas that do NOT have direct guest contact
-considered the backbone of the restaurant
Line Cook
Restaurant Job Analysis
What are the job responsibilities of a Restaurant Manager?
Direct Contact with Guests
Bus Person
Restaurant Forecasting
Necessary for the financial success of the restaurant

The forecast is made up of TWO elements:
Guest Counts (Covers) & Average Guest Check

Factors to be taken in consideration when Forecasting:
*Day of the Week
*Time of the Year
*Weather Conditions
*Many other Factors

Friday, Saturday & Sunday Frequently provide 50% of Revenue
How to Forecast
1st - Calculate Average Check
Total Sales / # of Covers = Average Check

2nd - Average Check is then multiplied by
Forecasted # of guest covers to arrive at projected sales for the meal period (day, week, year)

Forecasts are used to determine staffing needs,
purchasing & other expenses
More than just buying a product
Setting up purchasing systems requires:
Writing product specifications
Creating systems to minimize loss
Setting par stock level & reorder points
It is important to maintain controls over all storage areas
Cost Percentages
Food Cost %
Beverage Cost %
Labor Cost %
Cost of Food Sold / Food Sales
Cost of Beverages Sold/Beverage Sales
Labor Cost % / Total Food Revenue
Fixed Costs
Variable Costs
Operating Ratios

*Prime Cost should not go above 60% of Sales*
Human Resources
Financial Management
Administrative Management
Operations Management
Are these concepts transferable to you?
Do you have a personal budget?
What do you spend your money on?
Identify your: Fixed Costs, Variable Costs
It Begins With You...
The Spirit of Service
"Ladies and Gentlemen Serving Ladies and Gentlemen"
Moments of Truth
Types of Service
American Service: Individual Plated Service
Butler Service: "flying service" typically during cocktails
Russian Service: "silver service" serve from platters onto plates
French Service: very formal, Flambe
Serving Tips for Proper Table Service
1. Serve from the right with the right hand
Serve from the left with the left hand
2. Beverages serve from the right with the right hand
3. Serve everyone at the table at the same time...
BUT serve the eldest female guests first
4. Check table setting for each guest
5. Remove dishes from the right with the right hand
6. Serve all dishes with thumb up or on the side of the outer rim
7. Use a tray
8. When serving beverages, NEVER put your hand near where the guests will drink
9. When serving coffee leave from room for cream/sugar (2/3 full)
10. Look for indications that the guests are done

Handling Difficult Situations
Guest situations may arise..not happy with food, service is slow, portions are too small, etc.
Your job is to remain positive and resolve the the incident quickly and efficiently
Have empathy..put yourself in the guest's shoes

Server Readiness
How is this cooked?
Are there any major allergens in this?
How do you pronounce this?
What does this mean?
Do you know your menu?
Guest Communication
Appropriate Greeting: warm welcome
15-5 rule
Use guests name whenever possible
Sever Enthusiasm
Anticipate the Guest's needs
Nonverbal Cues
Service Timing
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