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IMPACT model

No description

on 6 January 2014

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Transcript of IMPACT model

Add Value
Go beyond just scheduling service related to the need. Adding value gives us the opportunity to exceed our customers' expectations and stand out from the crowd. Listen to any cues such as a chance to explain benefits of a Lowe's EPP or refer them to MyLowe's.
Provide Solutions
Help the customer with the questions or concerns they are experiencing. Stay confident as you direct the customer to the best avenue that will assist in resolving their matter.

Make Assessment
Listen to the customer to determine if this is a new issue or something that is existing. Ask probing questions to identify the customer needs.
IMPACT model
Initiate Greeting
You connect with the customer and set the stage for a positive experience.
Close for Next Steps
Gain agreement on the next steps. Recap the conversation focusing on relevant features and benefits discussed. If the customer hesitates or expresses a concern, acknowledge the concern and ask questions to understand the concern.

As part of LEF, it is important for us to provide consistent experiences to our customers in all ways that they choose to engage us. While the way we apply IMPACT will vary by situation, the overall process for having a customer conversation is the same.
Thank the Customer
Ensure the customer knows you appreciate and value his or her business. Draw the conversation to a close.
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