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Copy of Agriculter Template (Use this)

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paab dass

on 7 February 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Agriculter Template (Use this)

The Environment The Problem
-water being contaminated by companies throwing waste and acid in to lakes, rivers and oceans
-Affecting animals, marine life, plants and agriculture
-It affects agriculture because farmer’s crops are being watered with contaminate water which we later on eat
-Plants are being affected because some plants can’t take the water in and they eventually die Agriculture Water Contamination There are many delicate systems in the world today and one of the systems that are very important to human and animal life is the water system. In this presentation we will be visiting different areas of what happens when that water is contaminated which is one of the affects human and the environment has. We would like to educate you more on this topic due to the lack of knowledge people have on what they do to the environment this will be an interactive lesson where you will learn with us the problems and effects of water contamination.
THE CAUSE Try not to litter in streams,lakes,rivers,or seas. How it's occurring
-Around the world everywhere
-Africa, New Zealand and India.
-There are garbage filled rivers in Auckland, New Zealand
-Lakes and rivers in Africa where they are polluted with garbage and mud.
-Rivers and lakes of garbage in India which many people have to drink day by day to live If you see any piece of litter on the ground, make sure its safe and if it is pick it up and dispose of it in a waste disposal system. Products such as paints,oil,and cleaning materials should be stored and disposed off properly. Ways to Prevent It Use fertilizers and pesticides as far as possible. Water contamination is a huge concern to our environment!
becomes unhealthy for animals to drink from
toxins spread through food chain
affect the reproduction system of animals
can produce acid rain
increases number of birth defects and deaths
one of the reasons for global warming one of the causes of water contamination
also a victim of water pollution
if the water is contaminated, the same water will be used to water crops
crops will most likely die
becomes difficult for all farmers What did you learn? THE END :) - when heavy rainfall occurs or melting of the snow it can run into nearby rivers taking all the chemicals from the streets such as dirt and garbage that may be lying around. -large grounds that contain factory’s and oil these things are let out into our waters and contaminate large amount it along with factory’s waste Canada is one of the countries at high risk due to the used motor oil, salt. before a water has been showing up not as clean as it was in previous years due to the amount of waste human and the environment in producing
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