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Copy of PYP Exhibition Guidelines

These are the main points of the PYP Exhibition Guidelines document as analyzed and synthesized by me!

Jodie Kirchner

on 28 August 2017

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Transcript of Copy of PYP Exhibition Guidelines

At the heart of the Exhibition is the IB Learner Profile. You will demonstrate the characteristics of the Learner Profile throughout the Exhibition process.
You will need to be able to use the skills you have acquired over the years you have been in a PYP school.
The heart of the matter...
Throw it all in the mix!
Make a Shift!
Your inquiry needs to provide opportunity for you to make a shift in your own behaviour or thinking and maybe even the behaviour or thinking of others.
Do it with Attitude!
IB attitudes
should show throughout the Exhibition: toward your own learning, your environment, your mentors,teachers and, parents and classmates.
You are not in this alone!
are here to guide you through your inquiry.
are a vital part of the process in helping you be a success.
You will have a
to support you and inspire you...and have a good time with you too!
Find the SPARK to unlock
your inquiry...
Your inquiry will be guided by the
KEY concepts
you choose. These concepts will be reflected in the
KEY questions
for your inquiry.
The whole
school is
here to support you!
ll of the teachers have been working hard to ensure everything is in place and you have the tools for success!
You are centre stage!
How you
your inquiry will be up to you. Think creatively - how will you best share your message and the message of the group in a way that is meaningful and engaging?
Plugged in?
How can you make good use of the technology available to you?
To find out about your issue, share your knowledge, spread the word?
Ultimately, it is up to...
The success of your exhibition will not be determined by how pretty it is, how easy it was for you or how well rehearsed your presentation.

You will be successful if you try, if you challenge yourself, if you step outside what you know and make new discoveries.
Let the adventure

Ask yourself...
Are all your boxes checked?
Are you lifting others up?
Are you seeking help or advice?
Are you keeping your appointments
and remembering your materials?
Are you managing your time?
A ticket to the
Exhibition is yours!
What SPARKS your interest?
What issues are you passionate
The PYP Exhibition: what is it??
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