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Why Spencer Technologies???

Why should you use Spencer Technologies installation Technicians?

Dave Joyal

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Why Spencer Technologies???

Why Spencer Technologies?? Simply Put ... Professional, reliable installations with a single point of contact With many 3rd Party Vendors you are never sure who is going to provide you with your cabling services, We all have seen the "Cable Guys" who are unprepared, and do not speak Professionally... with Spencer Our technicians average over 9 years in the industry We have all dealt with the inexperienced technician
Where the Tech is either confused or does an improper job that breaks or needs to be corrected Spencer has worked in the VCPI facilities and understands the critical nature of not disturbing Patients and Staff needs
The Spencer team has Experience working with VCPI
Bill Donehoo 8 years with VCPI
Nikki Hopper 5 years with VCPI account
We know your business & work hard to support your needs Spencer tech's are accountable to Spencer
When a 3rd Party Sub makes a mistake he no longer can work as a subcontractor for that Vendor.
Should a Spencer Tech make a mistake, The Spencer Tech Could Be FIRED!! You can count on a Spencer Technician to act and look Professional and with the proper tools for the Job In These Critical Area's would you Rather Trust an Employee or a Sub-Contractor??? What is the Upside of Using Spencer Technicians? Downside to using all 3rd Party Subcontractors
Reliability - You can not be sure how reliable the contractor is as they usually choose the lowest bidder
Experience - Experience varies dramatically, you may get a seasoned pro or a tech still in College
Unpredictable- You can not know who will be doing the job
Familiarity- With Spencer you will know your Technicians and PM Staff, for each location
The game of Using 3rd Party Vendors can be like playing Dice
You may get lucky but eventually you will roll a Seven Why Spencer Technologies?? Professional,Reliable
Technicians Nationwide Coverage with a single point of Contact Please Visit Spencertech.com
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