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No description

adam fracz

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of Quality

Quality Adam Fracz Key Areas: surveillance CEC Key Areas Audit Dept Team Dave Powel & Paul Cousins P.A.E Mentor Brainstorming P.A.E Audit Key Areas Sketches Apprentice
Quality Placement.. The Teams... Dave didn't pay his tea money again... NCR??? N C R Surveillance Certification Control Dave: Taken Apprentice up the Archive 2nd Year
Apprentice Aircraft Fitter. 7 Week Duration Departments

Product Assurance Engineer
Conformance Engineering Centre Control of Certification Product Audit Unannounced sampling of shop floor activities Targeting:
Drawing & Documentation
Calibration Tools & Equipment
Knowledge of QMS
Part Protection & Traceability NCR’s are raised where non-compliances are identified PROC-MB01 PROC-MB04 Assessment of Applicants for certification privileges :
Q-card Holders
First Party Stamp holders
Second Party holders Granting or Refusal of approval Suspension or Withdrawal of approval Induction to Paul's Tea Club! Paul Tichard Product Audit In depth Announced or Unannounced Audits Areas can include Products, Production areas, Process and Procedures or any combination of. If the required standards are not met Production can be stopped, Goods may be refused or NCR’s can be issued. PROC-MB01 Q U A L I T Y S M A L L, B U T C R U C I A L T O T H E B I G G E R P I C T U R E Thank you for Listening.
Are there any questions? C.E.C C.E.C Mentor Neil Edwards Conformance Engineering Center C.E.C Key Areas Standards Room


Metrology Lab Standards Room. Responsible for the calibration of all tools and measuring equipment on site: Instrumentation Metrology Lab. Product Assurance Engineer. The metrology lab measure and record large and small components to ensure high tolerances are achieved. EASA Form 1 MRB Investigations CAB Meetings Product Quality boards EASA Form 1 is an authorised release certificate Confirms the product conforms to design less and concessions Only people named in the QM can approve EASA Form 1 M.R.B investigations Part of the Material review board MRB is held after an incident that has resulted in a loss of a component part or assembly. Root Cause and corrective action identified Corrective Action Board Meet on a weekly basis to discuss progress with new and known issues: Customer Protection
8D Progress
New Business Improvement... Would like to see the Placement Extended and Expanded.
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