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Asos plc

No description

Amamda Lee

on 15 August 2013

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Transcript of Asos plc

a closer look
UK's largest online-only fashion and beauty store, targeting the fashion forward twenty-somethings.
On a first look
Second largest in the whole world.
asos.com is
Started in June 2000 and
has grown to over
2000 employees with
a revenue of
£494 million
in 2012.

Asos covers over 190 countries out of 196 in the world.
In 2010 revenue was 223 million pound.
2011 ended with a revenue of 339,7 million pound.
During 2012, the company has so far
reached 495 million pound!
Main Competitors
measured by average daily visitors
VANCL.com - 920 000
ASOS.com - 749 000
HM.com - 606 000
Nike.com - 465 000
Moonbasa.com - 458 000
Industry analysis
Booming of retail e-commerce model

Bargaining Power of Suppliers - Low
Products existing is sold by many others.
Threat of Substitutes Products - High
Customer has several other choices.
Threat of New Entrants - High
Low barrier of entry, low sunk cost/ start up cost.
over 60,000 brands in portfolio.
customer service
strong growth
Over relying on UK market.
Global expansion plan.
Growing popularity of online retail.
Increase in demand of men's clothing.
Rising labor cost in UK
challenging economic situation.
Key value of Asos
Ethical Brands
Terms of Delivery (Free Shipping)
Invest alot
Good Offer
Customer Interaction
let's look closer..
The sales is divided like this.
But most important of all
the end
Competitive Rivalry within online fashion retail industry - Medium
Existence of large retail websites : TaoBao, Amazon, eBay & Dang Dang.
Little switching cost for online retailer.
Distribution channel ( Internet) is not proprietary to existing players.
Products are sold in store.
Bargaining Power of Customers- Medium
Individual customers - have little communications within each other.
low switching cost for customers.
Financial highlights
Valuation summary
Scenario Summary
Market cap
Acquirer History
Easy bolt on
Fashion credentials
Healthy profits
Management strength
International opportunities
Financial Snapshots
Synonymous with online retail
Allow deliveries efficiencies
Likely to leave Asos as standalone site
Struggled to attract high end fashion brands
Tap into young lucrative fashion sector
Expected a profit hike
Impressive management
Both are customer focused
Appointment of former Amazon UK managing director Brian McBride as chairman
Considerable opportunity for growth internationally for both
Amazon bringing in new fashion brand would appeal whilst for Asos, any deal would speed up previously stated ambition in China.
is still in the EYE of the BEHOLDER
having different brands on company's portfolio
Market & position products differently
In July 2012, Asos topped the Institute of Customer Service's UK Customer Satisfaction Index (UKCS) ahead of Amazon & John Lewis.
One of the leading players in the UK online clothing market.
to launch its Chinese website.
Adult minimum wage rate has increased from £5.93 in October 2010 to £6.08 in October 2011.
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