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Multiple Intelligence

No description

Anand Nateshan

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of Multiple Intelligence

Bodily kinesthetic intelligence is when a person has good physical abilities. This would not only relate to sports or athletes but dancers, or even actors have bodily kinesthetic intelligence by using their whole bodies for pantomime for example.

There are 8 different types of intelligences
Spatial Intelligence
Spatial intelligence is to develop ideas that help you in activities for example art. Another category in this intelligence is visualizing, which would mean a person’s sense of direction (in different cities, unknown places). Strengths with this intelligence would be to the ability of remembering directions.
Linguistic Intelligence
Musical Intelligence
Interpersonal Intelligence
Intrapersonal Intelligence
Which one are you?

This area deals with sensitive sound, rhythms and music. People with high musical intelligence are good at recognizing beats, good at pitch and make play an instrument and/or sing. They sometimes use rhythms and rhymes to learn. Some famous people just happen to be Mozart and Zoltan Kodaly.

The ability to calculate numbers and reason in a logical and systematic way. Such as being good at math and some aspects of science, you would be good at solving algebraic problems.
people who are logical smart also tend to be good with lo sequences of numbers, like computer programing.

Intrapersonal intelligence is the ability, when a person knows his strengths and weaknesses and is able to judge situations, based on his strengths, to have the highest possible chance of success. This person is self-dependent and is an independent worker. Mahatma Gandhi is a perfect example of a person who has a high intrapersonal intelligence. He was able to take his strengths to his advantage and to do what he was best at, deliver people the rights the deserved which shows that he has a high intrapersonal intelligence.

Bodily- Kinesthetic Intelligence

Knowing about nature and being able to observe recognize and group patterns in nature. You have a love for nature and animals and have a want to learn about it. Hiking, fishing and hunting is a great past time. A famous Natural person is Bear Grills

Those who have strong interpersonal intelligence are good at understanding and interacting with other people. These individuals are skilled at assessing the emotions, motivations, desires and intentions of those around them. For example, Franciska Szorad is a very social person making her have a high interpersonal intelligence.
Spatial Intelligence
Some famous people who are bodily kinesthetically intelligent would be Tom Cruise, Micheal Jordan, and Micheal Phelps physically good in acting or sports.
Celebrities with this intelligence would be Leonardo da Vinci, and Vincent van Gogh who are both talented with the arts.
Does society value same more than others? Are some more important than the others?
Some Famous logical thinkers are Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, and Steve Jobs
As a group, we feel that some are more important than the other and society values them more. We feel that being interpersonal intelligent is more important than some of the others, We also feel that being linguistically smart is more important than for example being spatial smart.

Being linguistically smart is one, who is able to use a wide variety of diction and to understand their definition . They are capable of utilizing words that are unfamiliar to them. They enjoy to read and write on their own free time, and enjoy other linguistically related activities. One of the famous linguistic writers are Roald Dahl.
One of the famous writers Roald Dahl writes books and creates new meanings of new words.
Dion Jakobs
Franciska Szorad
My strengths are:
- Kinesthetic
- Musical
My weaknesses are:
- Intrapersonal
- Logical

My strengths are:
Paulius Galkauskas
My Weaknesses are:
Biggest strengths of me are:
- Kinestetic
- Intrapersonal
My strengths and weaknesses

I am musically smart, I sing Indian Classical Music and am pretty good at it.
I am also Kinesthetically smart, I play cricket, football and many more sports making me Kinesthetically smart.
I am not very good at being interpersonal smart.
I am linguistically smart, meaning I am good with words.

Weaknesses of me are:
- Musical
- Naturalistic
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